‘Politicos to blame for State’s split’

Turlapati Kutumba Rao   | Photo Credit: CH_VIJAYA BHASKAR

Veteran journalist Padmasri Turlapati Kutumba Rao blamed politicians for the separation of Andhra Pradesh and wondered what the criteria was for driving the wedge between people of the two regions who were till yesterday like one family.

Mr. Rao worked as private secretary to ‘Andhra Kesari’ Tanguturi Prakasam Pantulu in the run-to his becoming Chief Minister of Andhra State on October 1, 1953. “It is painful that India’s first State to be formed on linguistic basis came to be divided again with no proper rationale in it. We are at the crossroads of history when ‘Telugu Talli is giving birth to twins’, both of them have to be taken proper care, the octogenarian journalist and political commentator said.

Speaking to The Hindu, Mr. Rao expressed regret that the State was bifurcated in blatant disregard to public sentiments but exuded confidence that both the States would achieve progress under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“People did not want to part ways, they were provoked by politicians. Potti Sriramulu, Prakasam Pantulu, Bulusu Samba Murthy, K.Venkataswami, Mothey Narayana Rao and many other Congress leaders of the yesteryears got Andhra State carved out of Madras Presidency after much struggle but now the State was split without any compelling reason”, Mr. Rao pointed out.

Sonia cause for mess

B. Subbarow Gupta, retired executive engineer (Irrigation Department) said “Sonia Gandhi is the cause for the entire mess. She and her son were taught a lesson for making a mockery of democracy. They have played with the sentiments of people and they could not expect a better treatment”, said B. Subbarow Gupta, retired executive engineer (EE) of Irrigation Department. Hailing from the same district as Potti Sriramulu (Nellore), Mr. Gupta, who worked as EE in the late 1960s, said the Andhra State came into existence on the basis of language because of the sacrifices made by many self-less people. “Those in Telangana might be having their own grievances but this is not desired”, he opined with the sadness of parting ways writ large on his face.

“Andhra Pradesh was divided because some vested political interests in Telangana wanted separate State. They would not have accepted the State without Hyderabad”, said M. Swaroopa, a self-employed women in the city.

She opined that the future of A.P appears to be bleak as it has formidable challenges, addressing which takes several decades.

“To transform A.P into a model State, political will is a must and people should make their own contribution for development”, Ms. Swaroopa added.

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