Muhurtam is not auspicious, say astrologers

Astrologers and scholars have censured the muhurtam (auspicious time) for laying the foundation stone for capital city of Amaravati. They feel that muhurtam is not appropriate for the event and laying of foundation stone in the decided muhurtam would push the State into anarchy and debts.

The State government has announced that it would perform sankhusthapana (foundation stone) between 12.35 p.m. to 12.45 p.m on October 22. Speaking to The Hindu , almanac writer Kappagantu Subbarama Somayajulu and astrologer Rani Narasimha Murthy said that the muhurtam was the worst to be chosen. "Even a layman would not prefer makara lagnam for such a mega event," they said.

Three planets-- Kuja (Mars), Sukra (Venus) and Guru (Jupiter) were in the eighth house. If Kuja was in the eighth house, it would lead to 21 types of faults.

The mars would create strife and anarchy, pushes into debts, injuries and fire. So, it was not advisable to lay the foundation stone at this muhurtam , said Mr. Somayajulu.

Mincing no words, Mr. Murthy said that a nakshtrasucha (a person who has no knowledge of alphabet but pretends to have it) would have fixed that muhurtam. It would push both performer and person who have fixed the muhurtam into andham tamassu, one of the 21 types of hells defined in religious texts. No auspicious works are done in Dakshinayana-- the six-month period between the summer solstice and winter solstice. The astrological texts lucidly stated the situations that have to avoided if it was must to perform rituals in Dakshinayana . The present muhurtam is one such instance, he said.

When asked about argument that whether the Abhjit lagna was being followed, Mr. Somayajulu, quoting many sacred texts such as Muhurta sudha , Muhurta Darpanaa and Kalamritam , said that the Abhijit lagana has to be used sparingly. More so, there was no abhijit lagna , auspicious time during mid day, on October 22 between 12.35 p.m. and 12.45 p.m., he said.

It is prescribed that Pattabhishekam can be done if there was a Sravana nakshtra (star) on Vijaya Dasami day. But, there is no Sravana nakshatra in that muhurtam , he said.

Mr. Murthy asserted that there was no testimony for argument that muhurtam hardly matters if something auspicious is performed on the Vijaya Dasami day. Victory of goddess Durga or Rama doesn’t mean that it is all auspicious. Vasistha, mentor of Rama, also suggested that time without any faults has to be considered, he said.

Going further, Mr. Murthy said: “The government should have consulted scholars before fixing the auspicious time. I can prove at any fora that the chosen muhurtam is the worst one.”

Mr. Somayajulu suspected that the Government would perform the Sankhusthapana without waiting for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in an auspicious time to avoid these complications, he said.

Laying of foundation stone in the chosen muhurtam will push the State into anarchy and debts, they say

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