Eco-friendly bag manufacturing unit opened

Women look at non-woven bags churned out by a machine at the newly-set up Dhanalakshmi Industry at Poranki in Vijayawada on Monday. Photo: V. Raju.   | Photo Credit: RAJU_V

A bunch of enthusiastic women encircled the machine that was the cynosure of all eyes and watched with heightened curiosity as it began to churn out non-woven eco-friendly bags at the slight push of a button.

The non-woven bag manufacturing unit at Poranki, christened as Dhanalakshmi Industries, attracted people in the vicinity, who gathered out of curiosity. “These bags are non-woven polypropylene (P.P.) fabric , made of spun bond polypropylene which can be recycled, naturally decompose and completely incinerates without any production of poisonous pollutant.

The bags look like a textile, but they are in-fact made from spun bonded polypropylene, commonly known as PP,” explained V. Kiran Babu, Managing Director of the unit. “This is the only alternative for a plastic bag, which has been banned by the local Municipal Corporation. The many advantages of this bag include its durability, the softness, air permeability, eco-friendly and re-usable,” said T.M. Winson, service manager, APL Machinery. Besides full address of the manufacturing unit at Poranki, the bags carry a powerful message: “Stop using plastic, save our mother land”. The machine can produce 60 bags per minute and 500 kgs in a single day.

“Once the ban is strictly implemented, the demand for these bags will increase automatically,” says Mr. Kiran Babu. The newly set up unit is the third non-woven bag unit and nearest to the city, besides two more at Kondapally and Eedupugallu. “The city may need at least 35-60 units to cater to its needs in the days to come,” predicts Mr. Kiran Babu. “People must adopt this environment-friendly bag keeping in view the fact that a plastic bag takes 450 years to biodegrade, thus causing immense harm to the ecology.

The earlier we understand this, the better for us,” said V.S. Rao, financial advisor to the unit.

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