Water snakes are non-poisonous: Expert

The attack of a river bather in Durga Ghat by a snake and the sighting of another in a ghat at Sitanagaram have sent waves of panic in the city. First it was E.coli then it was Snail Fever and now it is snake bite. But the truth about freshwater snakes is that they are all non-poisonous.

Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society biologist K.L.N. Murthy said that the bite of a freshwater snake might be on occasions be painful, but was harmless because these snakes neither had fangs or poison glands. It was easy to recognise the bite of a water snake as there would be several tooth marks and all of them would be uniform. In poisonous snakes, there would usually be only two marks, the fang marks.

The most common freshwater snakes were the Checkered Keelbacks that can be easily identified by the chessboard pattern on their bodies. They live in the water because they feed on fish, crustaceans and molluscs, Mr. Murthy said.

But unlike freshwater snakes, sea snakes are highly poisonous.

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