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(Top) The open sewage at Karumandapam along Dindigul Road poses a threat to motorists; (above) State Highways Department has cleared concrete waste dumped on the roadside in Thuraiyur town within a week after the matter was brought to its notice.

(Top) The open sewage at Karumandapam along Dindigul Road poses a threat to motorists; (above) State Highways Department has cleared concrete waste dumped on the roadside in Thuraiyur town within a week after the matter was brought to its notice.   | Photo Credit: HANDOUT

Kudos for prompt action

The State Highways Department deserves appreciation for clearing the concrete waste dumped on the roadside in Thuraiyur town within a week after the matter was brought to its notice. Removal of the concrete dump by the department promptly has helped in smooth movement of vehicles.

Saravanan Natesan


Uncovered sewage

Absence of a protection wall for the sewage running along the roadside at Karumandapam on Dindigul highway poses a threat to motorists. Road users have a constant fear of meeting with an accident at the spot. Intervention by the authorities concerned will be helpful.

X. Rosario Rajkumar


Greeting without physical contact

With COVID-19 virus being highly contagious, it is necessary to refuse handshake or physical contact to greet others. Fortunately, the country’s tradition of greeting people with folded hands will keep the people safe. It will be ideal if the people adapt to the method of greeting others by waving, nodding, or placing the hand over the heart. The traditional way of greeting with folded hand is slowly becoming the accepted norm the world over and replacing the conventional handshake.

M. A. Aleem


Follow physical distancing scrupulously

Physical distancing is not apparently being followed scrupulously in all government offices. At the tax collection office in Abhisekapuram, for instance, no one follows the physical distancing protocol for preventing the spread of COVID-19 virus though circles are marked in gaps of one metre.

Likewise, at the Main Post Office, senior citizens at the cash payment counter do not maintain distancing. Unfortunately, the seating arrangement is also not conducive for physical distancing. The spread of the virus can be brought under control only if these shortcomings are rectified by the authorities without any room for laxity.

Kanagaraj Arthur

Ramalinganagar South Extension

Restrict travel

Inter-city and inter-State travel should be permitted only after August 2020. Countries in Western Europe lost many lives in the absence of proper social distancing and screening in the initial months. These countries have opened their borders for travel only after six months. India being a highly-populated country, needs to be even more careful as otherwise it will become difficult to handle the surge in the number of COVID- 19 positive cases. Prevention and control is the key factor to tackle this epidemic of immense proportions. Those who do not cooperate with the initiatives of the healthcare officials must realise that they are doing so at their own peril.

T. M. Ranganathan


Shed complacency

Relaxations are being announced at a time when there is escalation in the number of COVID-19 positive cases, lulling people into a sense of complacency. One could see the people letting down their guard gradually with regard to social distancing and wearing face masks during travel or while shopping at commercial establishments. People need to realise that this is the time when extreme caution must be exercised.



More testing facilities

Against the backdrop of increase in COVID-19 positive cases triggering panic, the government has to expand scope for conduct of tests by authorising labs and government hospitals, besides creating facilities for testing at government offices. Since Covid tests are mandatory for conduct of any medical procedure in private hospitals, it becomes difficult for patients to wait in queues in front of the medical college hospital. In Thanjavur, for instance, increasing facilities for Covid-19 testing will also prevent crowding at the Medical College Hospital.

J. Eden Alexander


Death certificate

Since e-pass is mandatory for inter-district movements, the government has a responsibility of responding swiftly to the travel needs of people for emergency situations. It would be better if death certificate is not insisted upon. Instead, the undertaking given by the local competent authorities must be accepted. For example, a letter from the hospital concerned must be accepted, so that the people do not face difficulties in travel.

S. Krishnan


Traffic congestion

Parking of vehicles on both sides at Big Bazaar Street along the stretch extending from Gandhi Market to Rock Fort Temple is causing severe traffic congestion. Alongside refusing permission for parking vehicles on the roadside, the local authorities must also make the stretch a one-way in the interests of the general public.

M. Raja


Garbage dump

Hygiene has taken a beating at the Cantonment area due to waste piling up everywhere. Removal of garbage bins for the purpose of waste segregation at source has not worked in Warners Road where water canals are clogged with plastic waste. So much so for the city that once enjoyed the privilege of top-ranking for cleanliness. It is time the city regained its past glory.

Amjad Salman



Benwells Road, a prominent landmark in cantonment area has a board titled ‘litter-free street’ at the entrance. But right from the beginning of the street, huge heaps of garbage can be found. The garbage dumps are breeding grounds for various diseases. Concrete steps are necessary to make the street litter-free in the real sense of the term.

S. Raghavan


Post office needed

Uyyakondan Thirumalai on Vayalur Road is a growing neighbourhood with several residential colonies springing up over the last few years. Though the population in the area has gone up, a full-fledged post office has not been opened as yet. The extension office of the Postal Department offers only limited services. Letters to the residents of this area are collected from Somarasampettai and Puthur which are about three kilometres away on either sides. After the sub post office functioning at nearby Geetha Nagar was merged with Puthur post office, people in Uyyakondan Thirumalai have been facing difficulties to avail utility of basic services like receiving and sending letters, money orders, paying utility bills, and operating savings accounts.

S. Kannan

Uyyakondan Thirumalai

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