School students show farming skills in Science Fair

Students of the Christ Nagar International School at their school garden in connection with the Science Fair-Bakshya 2011 in Thiruvananthapuram on Friday. Photo: Meedhu miriyam joseph  

An array of sacked saplings of various vegetables at the front block of the school ground stands testimony to the initiatives of the students at the Christ Nagar International School to develop a culture of introducing farming activities at their school. Ranjith Padmakumar and his friends who knew the importance of organic farming and consuming healthy food wanted to educate their younger friends about the food that they consume.

What better way than to speak about it through their annual Science Fair -Bhakshya 2011-with food as the main theme for this year. Through the science fair being held at the school on Friday, the students are hoping to create awareness about a healthy life style and self sufficient food production by highlighting the various aspects of food. The fair is organised as four subdivisions namely fruits, vegetables, meat and milk and cereals with the school houses presenting models and informative charts on food.

As the students explained different farming methods through static models, Ranjith remembered how the students, a few months ago, had approached the members of the Krishi bhavan in the city with their wish to start farming activities at their school. Soon the members brought as many as 150 bags of seeds and seedlings of various vegetables and taught the students on the basics of gardening activities.

The Amazon House had showcased the world of cereals and pulses. There was models of seeds stuck to charts explaining sowing ,harvesting and processing activities, some of these process which they were familiar with as they had engaged themselves to sow the seeds of vegetables for their school garden.

The Ganges House had projected the theme of motivating and encouraging organic farming which was exactly the group was trying to implement through their school garden. Through their experiments and adulteration process charts, the members of the Volga house tried to explain the harmful effects of consuming adulterated food.

“When we can grow our own vegetables why should we get chemical injected and adulterated food? We want to extend this project so that there will be enough plants to sell them to the students to encourage them to start garden cultivation at their homes”, said Ranjith.

The senior students at the school has entrusted the watering of the plants to the junior students, who have been nurturing these plants with great care.

“The students have to be aware about following healthy life style and this fair is a learning experience for them, said Uma Radhakrishnan, teacher in-charge of the Science fair.The Kuttanad food fest –a special charity run by school’s charity fund is a highlight,she added.

As the entire school participates in the fair, Ranjith and his friends are hoping that more students will be aware of the need for consuming fresh and healthy food and walk the talk by joining the league of young farmers.

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