KWA speeds up work on sewerage scheme

The Kerala Water Authority (KWA) has speeded up work on the long-delayed Jagathy-Kootanvila sewerage scheme, but indications are that the capital city may have to wait a bit longer to see this project commissioned as the KWA faces a number of hurdles.

Although the KWA launched the Jagathy-Kootanvila scheme in 1996, the commissioning has been delayed due to problems in acquiring land and the financial constraints of the KWA.

The KWA is now taking steps to quicken the pace of work and commission the scheme. Pending works include drawing the pipeline across the Killiyar. Land acquisition is required on both banks of the river for laying the pipes. Once this work is completed, the scheme can be partially commissioned, KWA officials said.

₹2.3 crore for land

“This work is being taken up first. The KWA has remitted ₹2.3 crore for the land acquisition, and we expect the land to be handed over shortly so that tenders can be floated for the work,” a KWA official said.

The KWA needs to fill two more ‘gaps’ in the route. The pipeline has to be laid across the Pangode-Edappazhanji road between Vivekananda Nagar and Chitra Nagar. Land needs to be acquired at Njaramoodu where the pipeline has to be laid over a short distance.

5,000 establishments

Meant to benefit 5,000 households and establishments in the Jagathy, Poojappura and Pangode wards of the Thiruvananthapuiram Corporation, the scheme involves laying a main sewer line from Jagathy junction to Kootanvila, and branch pipes totalling a length of roughly 20,000 metres.

The sewage would be pumped from the pump house at Kuriathi to the 107 mld sewage treatment plant at Muttathara. “How quickly we can complete and commission the scheme depends on how fast the land acquisition progresses. The project has been delayed all these years due to glitches in acquiring land,” a KWA official said.

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