Enhanced safety in model corridor

New road markings in the Vettu Road-Thycode-Adoor model corridor.  

Road markings, hitherto unused in the State, have been introduced in the 80 km safe corridor demonstration project in the Vettu Road-Thycode to Adoor on the MC Road as part of the ongoing Phase II of the World Bank-aided Kerala State Transport Project (KSTP).

Yellow ladder, white ladder, deflection arrow, transverse thermoplastic bar markings, zig-zag markings, ‘school-keep clear’, ‘30’, ‘slow’ and hatch markings prescribed by the Indian Roads Congress and U.S. Manual on Uniform Control Devices have been used in the busy accident-prone corridor. The new concept of ‘Yellow box marking’ in the hazardous stretches and ‘right turn protected lane’ for safe right turn of the motorists has been introduced in the corridor.

The ₹146.6-crore project is aimed at zero accidents in the busy two-lane two-way corridor spread over Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam and Pathanamthitta districts, through enhanced road safety, engineering, education and enforcement measures.

In addition to the road markings, signages, studs, rumble strips to warn the motorists, crash barriers at vulnerable locations and black spots and junction improvements have been executed in the corridor that has an average right of way of 15 metres.

Poor visibility

Yellow ladder line has been given as central line in curves where the radius is below 155 m to warn the motorists of poor visibility and not to cross. Double yellow continuous line has been provided in stretches where radius is 160 to 190 m, double white continuous (190 to 230 m) and single white continuous line for 230 to 280 m.

A three-set deflection arrow 120 m before the approach of the curve is to warn the vehicles to return to their respective left lane as visibility is poor.

In Inner curves, yellow edge lines have been given to indicate parking restriction. Two sets of transverse thermoplastic bar markings will indicate hazardous zone.

In 36 school zones, zig-zag markings on centre line, white edge line for 300 m, yellow edge line near the gate with ‘school-keep clear’, two metre wide and 300 m-long footpath and pedestrian guard rails have been provided. Sign boards to indicate speed restriction of 30 km and three sets of thermoplastic transverse bar markings on both approaches with ‘school zone’ in white markings are included. Before zebra crossings, ‘Slow” and small transverse yellow line with length increasing towards stop lines has been provided for pedestrian safety. The 85 black spots identified in the corridors have also been given special road markings.

Hatch markings have been given to prevent entry of vehicles beyond edge line.

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