Showing compassion to birds and animals

As Satish Kumar’s van filled with eatables such as packets of mixture [condiments], bhujiya and other snacks nears the Bengre beach, a flock of crows follow the vehicle. Mr. Kumar stops the vehicle and takes out a few packets of these snacks and spreads the content on the roadside at different locations.

The crows start picking up mixture and bhujiya and fly to nearby trees to eat only to come back again. A good number of crows come out to eat the snacks thus spread on the ground. Within 10 minutes, the crows consume the snacks.

Mr. Kumar, a resident of Kottara in the city, who has been in the business of selling snacks across the city, has been taking time off from sales to feed the crows for the last five years. “These are among species that need food. I try to fill their stomach in my own way,” he says.

He offers snacks when he comes to Bengre once in two days. Apart from places near Bengre beach, Mr. Kumar offers snacks to crows at another place, also in Bengre. He has earmarked spots across the city, including a graveyard in Padil, where he offers food to crows. “Not just crows, street dogs also come and I offer them biscuits at some spots,” he says. Residents have largely not objected to his kind act. “Only in a couple of places, there was objection and I changed the area,” he adds.

It is compassion for these birds and animals, he says, that has made him offer food.

For about two months during the lockdown last year, Mr. Kumar offered food packets to those in need. “My wife prepared chitranna, pulav and bisibele bath, which I packed in packets and offered to the needy,” Mr. Kumar said and added, “I believe God comes to your aid when you selflessly serve the needy.”

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