Sea erosion almost washes away road leading to Batpady beach, Mangaluru

The erosion comes despite the government taking up several protective measures, including erecting boulder walls | Photo Credit: H.S. MANJUNATH
Special Correspondent Mangaluru 27 July 2019 00:38 IST
Updated: 27 July 2019 09:20 IST

It connects Someshwara with Batpady Beach

The Arabian Sea, which has been swallowing its coastal stretch between Someshwara-Uchchila and Batpady south of Mangaluru, on Friday almost washed away the beach (fisheries) road leading to the Batpady beach.

This erosion comes despite the government taking up several protective measures, including erecting boulder walls along the affected stretches and building groynes into the sea near the Batpady estuary.

Residents of the area however alleged that the work in erecting the walls was sub-standard and said only small boulders were placed instead of large ones.


“The government has chosen contractors who did not have any resource or back-up,” charged one resident. A year ago, the sea was about 100m away from the fisheries road which has many houses on both flanks.

While houses on the beach front have been provided with sea-protection walls, the ones close to Batpady beach which had coconut groves were left unprotected.

Thus, the erosion was more pronounced in this locality where almost all coconut trees have now been washed away.

Deputy Commissioner S. Sasikanth Senthil directed officials concerned to take up preventive measures. Engineers from the Ports and Inland Water Transport rushed to the spot and began placing boulders to arrest the erosion.

Officials involved in the work said that once the temporary retention work yields some results, they would build a permanent sea protection wall in the region.

Contractors concerned were not getting required boulders from quarries thereby aggravating the situation, they said. The ADB-funded Someshwara Shoreline Protection Project that involves construction of 10 to 14 groynes into the sea is yet to make any impact in the region as only two of them have been built so far before the monsoon.

Once all the groynes are in place, the Someshwara-Uchchila-Batpady stretch could get a breather, engineers said.

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