Parents cautioned against ‘efforts’ to activate mid-brain in children

Magician Junior Shankar demonstrating a technique used by a Belagavi-based firm to train children in seeing objects through blindfold. Also seen are president of the Federation of Indian Rationalist Associations Narendra Nayak and senior ophthalmologist C.R. Kamath.   | Photo Credit: Raghava M

Experts, including two ophthalmologists, have alerted people against the claims of a private firm that it takes up training of children into super-genius persons, while also making them read blindfolded. They have urged parents and children not to fall prey to what they called such money-minting business efforts.

The firm head-quartered in Belagavi has claimed that it trained children with techniques that made them see objects without light falling on their retina. The firm has been holding its training sessions in different parts of the State, including in Puttur and Sullia.

Senior ophthalmologist and former president of the Karnataka Ophthalmic Society C.R. Kamath told reporters here on Wednesday that scientifically it was impossible for anybody to see things without light falling on the retina. “I cannot say anything on the technique followed; but scientifically the light of an object should fall on the retina for us to see,” he said.

Society president Sai Giridhar Kamath said that doctors are deeply concerned over the false claims of the firm about mid-brain activation and its efforts to attract parents to enrol their children to make them a genius. Dr. Kamath said that till date there have been no methods devised to make human beings visualise anything without light from an object falling on the retina. “We are cautioning people against subjecting children to such process,” he said.

Meanwhile, an Udupi-based magician Junior Shankar said that the firm was following techniques used by magicians. “The children are trained to see light through the blindfold,” he said and demonstrated the technique for reporters. “Objects that the children see is in their line of sight,” he added.

Psychiatrist P.V. Bhandary said that it was sad that children are being forced to tell a lie when they know they are seeing the object through the blindfold. “It is disturbing to see children go through this extreme stress. This is nothing but violation of child rights,” he said.

President of the Federation of Indian Rationalists Associations Narendra Nayak said that a detailed report dismissing the claims of the Belagavi-based firm is already with the Deputy Commissioner. The district administration should take appropriate action against the firm. Mr. Nayak said that parents of children who have undergone training will approach the consumer court.

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