Batpady beach and approach road almost devastated by sea erosion

The Fisheries Road connecting Someshwara and the Batpady endpoint via Uchchila is completely washed away at Batpady by the raging Arabian Sea. | Photo Credit: ANIL KUMAR SASTRY
Anil Kumar Sastry Mangaluru 19 September 2021 00:30 IST
Updated: 19 September 2021 00:38 IST

Crores spent on ADB-funded beach rejuvenation project washed away

The verdant Batpady beach, on the southern tip of Karnataka bordering Kerala, and its connecting fisheries road from Someshwara have almost been washed away, with hundreds of crores of rupees spent on the beach rejuvenation project going down the drain.

While the fisheries road was completely damaged last monsoon, it was temporarily restored this February. A massive sand wall of about 300 metres length too was built in Batpady to offer protection to the temporary road. Within a month of the monsoon, the sand wall washed away and in another month, the temporary road too. When The Hindu visited the beach on Saturday, even the endpoint, as called by the local people, which is about 500 metres before the State border, too was almost affected by the sea erosion. About 500 metres long and 300 metres wide beachfront in this region was seen swallowed by the raging waves with a small building structure built by a government department for tourist facilities precariously standing amid the threat of waves.

The tall sand dune from Batpady to Kanva Tirtha in Kerala, about three kilometre in length and 300 metres in width, was broken by the waves near the endpoint itself allowing the three rivulet s — Uchchila, Talapady and Kunjathur — to join the sea at this point. Normally, the massive dune prevented these rivulets from joining the sea thereby forming a beautiful backwater lake.


Within this backwater lake exists Uchchila Kudru (river island) surrounded by water on three sides and the Mangaluru-Shoranur railway line on the one side.

Locals or the local panchayat get the sand dune opened whenever there was threat of flooding due to heavy rains.

With the fisheries road being swallowed for a distance of about 300 metres, several houses and coconut gardens are under the threat of getting eroded. The houses have lost connectivity to the external world too.

A local resident blamed haphazard implementation of the ADB-funded Someshwara Beach Rejuvenation project. Batpady Abdullah said the authorities did not construct two or three more groyens near the end-point. The beach was not much affected between Uchchila and Batpady where 10 groyens were built; but was completely devastated near the end-point, he pointed out.