Apherasis machine used for therapeutic plasmapherasis at Wenlock Hospital

The Apheresis machine, which was installed primarily for plasma therapy of critical COVID-19 patients at the Government Wenlock Hospital, has now been put to use for other therapeutic treatment.

The machine was procured at a cost of ₹24 lakh and installed at the Regional Blood Transfusion Centre of the hospital in October, 2020. Mangaluru City South MLA D.Vedavyas Kamath pushed for plasma therapy at the hospital as he claimed it provided a lease of life for critical COVID-19 patients. As the process of seeking license to start the plasma therapy was on, the Union government decided against doing the therapy for the critical COVID-19 patients. Hence, the machine has been put to use for other treatments.

On Wednesday, this machine was used for the first time for therapeutic plasmaphersis for a 60-year-old person, who is diagnosed with Guillian-Bare (GB) Syndrome. Under therapeutic plasmapherasis, the blood is passed through the apheresis machine where the plasma is removed and fresh plasma is inserted.

“This is the treatment for GB syndrome and other neurological problems. For the first time we have used the apharesis machine for this process,” Sadashiva, the Medical Superintendent of the hospita told The Hindu stating that its use is cost effective. Therapeutic plasmaphersis was earlier conducted using dialysis machine along with some filters and this took more time, he added.

Sharath Kumar, the head of the Regional Blood Tranfusion Centre, said therapeutic plasmapherasis was done as per the requirement of neurologist and physician treating the 60-year-old patient. It was done in two sittings since Wednesday at the ward attached to the Centre, he added.

Apart from plasmapherasis, the Apharesis machine is also being used at the Centre for plateletpherasis (separation of platelets) and leukapherasis (separation of white blood cells), Dr. Kumar said.

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