Coronavirus | Separate entrances for OP, admission section in Madurai’s Government Rajaji Hospital

No more mingling: The segregated outpatient registration section at the COVID-19 speciality wing of Government Rajaji Hospital in Madurai.
S Sundar Madurai 05 July 2020 06:24 IST
Updated: 05 July 2020 06:24 IST

No more mingling of outpatients with positive cases at GRH

Responding to complaints of patients coming to Government Rajaji Hospital’s COVID-19 speciality wing, the district administration has provided separate entrances for positive patients seeking admission and outpatients coming to screen themselves for COVID-19.

“We have made the arrangement in such a way that positive people and symptomatic patients coming for screening do not mingle with one another at the reception. They will never meet others at the COVID wing,” said Collector T.G. Vinay.

With rise in the number of outpatients and positive patients coming for admission, both of them mingled at the reception. The number of counters for registration in both areas have been increased for faster processing.


“We have placed chairs for those coming for registration. The seating has been made in such a way that there is adequate physical distancing. They can be comfortably seated till their turn comes,” Dr. Vinay said.

While the OP reception where patients of influenza-like illness and other symptoms such as cold and cough has six counters, the reception for positive people on the basement has three counters. The simultaneous registration will reduce the waiting time. Now, the OP reception has been set up on the ground floor and the reception for positive patients on the basement, Madurai Medical College Dean J. Sangumani said. “All the staff involved in registration of patient details have been provided with personal protective equipment,” he said. Patients are being guided to the right reception at the entrance leaving no room for confusion.

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