Nuclear plant is totally safe, says expert group

The Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant (KKNPP) is totally safe, asserts the expert group constituted by the Government of India.

In a release, A.E. Muthu Nayagam, group convenor, said, “Based on its extensive examination of various issues, there should be no cause for concern about the safety” of the plant.

He pointed out that it was designed and engineered to the state-of-art of nuclear reactors in line with the current international safety requirements and principles. The site-related aspects such as seismic, tsunami and tropical storms were taken into consideration at the design stage. Additional safety features were also incorporated.

Dr.Muthu Nayagam said clearances for various stages of the project were given only after an “elaborate and exhaustive safety review at each stage”. Further, it would be subjected to safety review during its entire operating life on a regular basis.

The safety of the plant has been thoroughly evaluated against natural calamities. “The seismic design of structures, systems and components and the ample safety margin in the elevation of safety-related components provide a high level of safety against such events. The possibility of volcanic eruptions in the vicinity of the site has also been examined and no active volcanism has been identified. The magnitude of any possible tsunami that can be generated from submarine landslides in the Gulf of Mannar has been found to be much smaller than tsunamis that may be get generated from the submarine active seismic faults, which has already been taken into consideration”.

He asserted that the plant designs ensured that radioactive releases during operation were much below the prescribed limits and hence would have no adverse effects on public health, environment and plant personnel.

The difference between the temperatures of seawater finally discharged into the sea and temperature of seawater receiving that discharge at the KKNPP was within the limit prescribed.

Hence, it would not have any significant adverse effects on the marine life and no threat to the livelihood of fishermen living around.

He said the safety of the plant was examined in relation to TMI, Chernobyl and Fukushima accidents. “Based on the advanced design safety features, safe grade level and high elevation of location safety-related equipment”, there would be no significant adverse impact in the public domain even if there were to be any accident.

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