Good news for hoteliers: unusable cooking oil can be sold for preparing biodiesel

Collector V. Vishnu at the Repurpose Used Cooking Oil programme held at Palayamkottai in Tirunelveli on Friday.   | Photo Credit: A_SHAIKMOHIDEEN

This is good news for hoteliers, caterers and traders owning food / snack manufacturing units who are hitherto struggling to deal with the unusable cooking oil generated in their business establishments after preparing a range of food stuff.

As per the arrangement, the unusable oil, which was emptied in drains or in open spaces polluting the environment, can now be sold for preparing biodiesel. The traders can also get a decent income from this new business.

Hoteliers and units associated with the food industry either destroy the unusable cooking oil or sell it to soap manufacturing units and industries using boilers where it is used a fuel.

The worst part was sometimes the unusable oil was being sold to snack manufacturers running small units.

Since the ‘Repurpose Used Cooking Oil’ (RUCO) programme, which has been designed by National Bio Diesel Corporation to convert the unusable oil into diesel, has yielded good results, hoteliers and the food manufacturing units can now sell the unserviceable cooking oil for a reasonable price for making biodiesel.

“The unusable cooking oil that spoilt nature, water resources and the environment can be converted into a fuel to boost our economy. It’s a win-win situation for all of us. As the unusable cooking oil is converted into diesel, the oil to be discarded at any cost becomes a most sought-after product without spoiling the nature. Moreover, the oil, which is thrown away even now, ensures some decent revenue to the trader or the hotelier through the RUCO programme,” said V. Vishnu, District Collector, while launching the scheme here on Friday.

As per the scheme, the RUCO agent will contact the trader, caterer or the hotelier for buying the unusable cooking oil, which would be purchased by checking its quality scientifically in the presence of the trader. The purchase price of the used oil would be fixed after the quality is determined. If the trader and the agent agree to the selling price fixed for the used oil, the amount would be given to the trader immediately on the purchase of the oil.

“The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board has made it mandatory that unused oil cannot be discarded by hotels, caterers and food manufacturing units into drains and this would attract penal action. So, these industries which are hitherto struggling to destroy the unusable cooking oil can sell it to the RUCO agents and get decent revenue out of it. Hence, the hoteliers, caterers and the food manufacturing unit owners should make use of this rare opportunity,” Mr. Vishnu observed.

After appointing RUCO agents in every district, a common point to store this unusable oil would be created before it was sent to be converted into diesel, the Collector informed.

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