Food prices skyrocket

Though prices of some varieties of rice are seen easing, the price of major food items, including pulses, cooking oil, coconut, fruits and vegetables, have seen significant appreciation over a period of one year.

The State average price of red matta variety has fallen 3.26 per cent from Rs. 37.07 a kg in July last year to Rs. 35.86 a kg this month, say figures available from the State Department of Economics and Statistics.

However, the price of more popular Palakkadan Jaya rice has increased by 15.45 per cent, rising from Rs. 30.75 a kg to Rs. 35.50 a kg in July this year. The price rise for other varieties of rice has ranged between 1.81 per cent and 8.84 per cent, the department figures say.

Price fluctuation for pulses has ranged between 11.79 per cent fall for small Bengal gram and 36.81 per cent rise for black gram split without husk. The State average price of the latter has gone up from Rs. 64.14 a kg in July 2013 to Rs. 87.75 a kg this month. The price of green gram rose 18.26 per cent and green gram dhal price rose 26.23 per cent during the period.

Price of sugar has gone up 2.27 per cent; milk price has gone up 11.37 per cent and egg prices (hen) has appreciated 10.58 per cent.

The swing in the prices of oils and oil seeds has been more dramatic with loose coconut oil price going up 117.35 per cent during the one year period. The price of the Kera brand has gone up 113.21 per cent from Rs. 82.71 a kg to Rs. 176.35 a kg during the period.

The price of root crops like elephant foot yam appreciated 33.39 per cent; tapioca prices fell 2.26 per cent and potato price has gone up 34.29 per cent.

Among vegetables, brinjal, pumpkin, tomato, beans and green chilli have shown significant rise in prices. Tomato price has gone up 93.54 per cent from Rs. 29.86 a kg in July last year to Rs. 57.79 a kg this month. Green chilli price (per 100 gram) has gone up from Rs. 4.32 to Rs. 6.93. The price of beans has gone up from Rs. 33.64 a kg to Rs. 65.14 a kg.

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