Temple for chief accountant of Yama in old city

The Chitragupta temple in Chatrinaka  

It's just different, for temples of this kind are few to find. Occupying the sanctum sanctorum here are not the deities usually found across other temples but it is Chitragupta, key aide and chief accountant of the God of Death, Lord Yama.

One-of-its kind

Ensconced deep in the old city at Chatrinaka, the ‘Chitragupta Mahadeva Devalayam' here is said to be a one-of-its kind temple in the State and a rarity in the country too.

“You do not find many shrines dedicated to Chitragupta. We heard there are a few in northern parts but definitely not in the State,” says a temple priest.


Chitragupta, considered by the devout as the account-keeper of all the good and bad deeds in one's life and decides the destination after death i.e., hell or heaven, does not usually have temples built for him. But here he is the presiding deity.

Special pujas

The temple believed to be more than 200 years old, has devotees from different parts visiting for remedies to their ‘doshas'. “On Wednesdays, ‘abhishekam' is performed and special pujas are held for those affected by ‘ketu graha dosh' which attracts many devotees,” says the chief priest, Ch.Rangacharyulu.

The sanctum sanctorum has the idols of Chitragupta along with his consorts, Iravati and Dakshini and a framed picture makes a mention of his children.

The chief priest reads out the names of the 12 sons named Srivastav, Suryadwhaj, Nigam, Kulashresta, Mathur, Garg, Saxena, Gaud, Asthana, Ambasht, Bhatnagar and Valmiki.

“Chitragupta is regarded the ‘kula devatha' of Kayasths and this temple is said to have been originally built by them in the early 18 century,” says Rangacharyulu. The stone-chiselled main idols have survived all these years but ‘utsava vigraha' (procession idols) made of ‘panchaloha' were stolen few decades ago.”

Later additions to the temple complex have been a Ramalayam, Sivalayam and temples for Lord Anjaneya and Sai Baba. In the sprawling vicinities, there is an old ‘Jammi Vruksham'.

Support lacking

The local committee manages the temple affairs and locals lament that very little support is received from the Endowments Department.

“Though it is one of the unique temples, the department has been ignoring it,” says Phani Kumar, a devotee.

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