Serial performer Preeti Nigam now awaits her big test

Actor Preeti Nigam in a still from the movie Chakali Ailamma
T. Lalith Singh HYDERABAD: 06 December 2013 00:57 IST
Updated: 26 May 2016 09:11 IST

Best known for a range of performances on the small screen, Preeti Nigam makes her big screen debut in a lead role in Miryala Ravi Kumar’s Chakali Ailamma

After gaining popularity for her negative characters in Telugu television serials, Preeti Nigam is hitting the big screen. Trained in Kuchipudi and Kathak, the talented actor will now play the lead in Chakali Ailamma, which is set to hit the screens this Friday.

Directed by Miryala Ravi Kumar, Chakali Ailamma is based on the life of Ailamma, the revolutionary leader of the Telangana armed struggle. Small budget, it may be but in terms of character, “it is a strong one”, Preeti says. “The role was a challenge,” she admits.

“Ailamma was a very powerful personality who not only raised her voice against subjugation, but also led the battle against the feudal lords. She continues to be an inspiration for many and is widely respected in Telangana. I had to study a lot about her life and struggles before taking up the role,” the actor says.


The best part about the role was that it demanded slipping into the character, and not thinking too much about acting, she says.

“It’s a real story about a real person and real situations. Thus, a natural performance without overplaying or underplaying helped me,” Preeti adds.

Varied roles

Preeti, who first grabbed the attention of television viewers with her roles in serials such as Ruthu Ragalu and Kasturi, had over the years built a reputation for herself with a range of characters. However, in recent times, her negative roles – particularly in serials like Chandramukhi on ETV – have been a major hit with viewers.

The actor is not new to the big screen, having done both Hindi films including Well Done Abba and Welcome to Sajjanpur. But Chakali Ailamma is her maiden effort at playing the lead role, where she has tried carrying the entire movie on her emoting prowess.