New fish species found in Kawal Tiger Reserve

Called Indoreonectes Telanganaensis, this loach species is distinguished by pectoral fins as long as the head, large eyes, and nasal barbel reaching the middle of the eye.  

A new fish species discovered in the hill stream area of Kawal Tiger Reserve (KTR) is among the first vertebrates to bear the name of Telangana.

Called Indoreonectes Telanganaensis, the new species of loach, is distinguished by pectoral fins as long as the head, large eyes, nasal barbel reaching the middle of the eye and a number of other distinguishing features.

“The hill stream is seasonal and is part of the Godavari river basin but does not flow into the main river directly. It was discovered there,” informed Srinivasulu Chelmala, the corresponding author of the paper published in Zootaxa, a peer-reviewed scientific journal for taxonomists. The research team was led by Krishna Prasad Kante, a scholar from Osmania University. The researchers backed up their claim for the new species with DNA analysis information.

Clown loaches with their interesting golden-yellow and black patterns are a favourite of aquarists who keep ornamental fish. Clown loaches are native to the inland water systems in South East Asia. While clown loaches have shorter bodies and pinkish fins and tails, the loach discovered in Telangana is a little less colourful and has a longer body with bands of black.

“The naming after Telangana will make scientific people take notice of the new State,” said Mr. Chelmala, who is part of the Osmania University faculty.

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