Firm’s EV pact with Avon

Special Correspondent HYDERABAD 29 June 2021 18:48 IST
Updated: 29 June 2021 18:48 IST

City-based DAO EV Tech, a ‘Make in India’ dedicated smart electric mobility manufacturing firm, entered into a strategic agreement with Avon, a leading bicycles manufacturer, on Tuesday.

Founded by the Pahwa Brothers in 1952, Avon has large production facilities and a growing portfolio of products with over 200 models and over 360 different components for each model. As a pioneer in the electric scooter industry, Avon started manufacturing in 2007.

The strategic agreement between DAO EV Tech and Avon will complement each other’s strengths and leverage their network in the areas of sourcing and manufacturing excellence. With DAO EV Tech’s commitment to provide high quality and reliable electric two-wheelers, it has lined-up models to be launched soon.


Avon’s will help DAO access top-notch Indian suppliers in the two wheelers industry especially for mechanical components. It will further speed up DAO’s homologation and localisation for its high-speed model 703. As per the MoU, DAO EV Tech and Avon Cycles will further support each other in an assembly, designing, supply network, and marketing of each other’s products in their spheres of influence, a press release said.

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