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YouTuber Anil Geela; from educator to content creator

YouTube star Gangavva’s constant companion in every Srikanth M’s vlog ‘My Village Show’ is Anil Geela. The adorable grandmother from Telangana hits him, rebukes him and does all that is common between a loving grandmother and grandson. Their impeccable camaraderie makes it impossible to believe even when Anil clarifies, “We are not related. I am a student of Srikanth’s father, in Karimnagar. I am from Dargahpalli village in Siddipet and Gangavva and the team are from Lambadipally. ”

Anil could be a popular face on YouTube, but his life’s goal was to be a teacher in government school so that he could impart knowledge to children and make them ready for careers of their choice. “Movies, YouTube and television were never my lookouts. I did want to become a TV news anchor at some point. That is because I looked at the news as a medium of gathering knowledge,” says Anil, a diploma holder in teacher education.

Nevertheless, Anil’s channel ‘Anil Geela Vlogs’ has 2.48 lakh subscribers and close to 60 videos.

Into the spotlight

Having got a good score in the Teacher Eligibility Test (TET), Anil waited for the District Selection Committee (DSC) to happen and joined a private school, Sri Vidyaranya Avasa Vidyalayam in Jammikunta. While teaching there, he made small tutorial videos to share on YouTube. “Srikanth saw my videos and suggested we collaborate. We worked on a few videos and I was getting good feedback. Then the #KiKiChallenge happened and My Village Show (with 1.65 million subscribers) got recognised globally. In the meantime, DSC happened. My dream of becoming a teacher was on the verge of becoming a reality and on the other hand, I was getting recognised through my work in Srikanth’s vlog. I was in a fix. This is when I convinced myself that what we do in vlogs is not just entertainment but also informative. As a teacher, my reach would be limited to a few. But through our work on vlogs, we could reach out globally. With this thought, I decided to continue with vlogs and I have no regrets,” says Anil.

YouTuber Anil Geela; from educator to content creator

Apart from starring in Srikanth’s vlogs, Anil regularly posts vlogs on his own channel; some informative and some entertaining. “Balance needs to be maintained. Followers want light content too sometimes,” he adds. No matter what he chooses, Anil wants his work to be informative.

He is very pleased that a lot of young YouTubers have emerged from Telangana. “Some villages don’t have a proper network, but still they upload content that is appreciable. When we started, there were not many vlogs in Telugu. Their growing number shows the popularity of YouTube,” adds Anil who recently shot a vlog on the Kaleshwaram project.

“Siddipet looked green and beautiful after the project, so I wanted to know more and also tell followers how all this greenery was possible and about the various barrages that were built to make water available in Telangana,” he explains.

Anil who is almost a resident of Lambadipally village now, calls it his attagari vooru (in-law’s town). Will he consider marrying someone from Lambadipally? Anil laughs and says, “Many are eager to give their daughter’s hand in marriage to me, but I will wait for some time.”

Anil also got his break in movies with roles in Telugu movies like World Famous Lover (starring Vijay Deverakonda), Pressure Cooker, SR Kalyanamadapam and Artha Shathabdam.

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