We were regularly threatened, beaten, says victim’s family

Hemani BhandariJanuary 28, 2022 03:28 IST
Updated: January 28, 2022 03:28 IST

Her sister had lodged a complaint against the accused earlier this month

Ever since the death of the teenage boy in November last year, the accused had been troubling her family, the victim’s younger sister said, adding that she had lodged a police complaint regarding the same on January 20.

The 18-year-old sibling said she and her family members were regularly threatened and abused by the accused, who assaulted and publicly shamed her elder sister on Wednesday.

“I used to work at a garments shop and women of the [accused] family used to come to the shop and threaten me. Upset with the everyday affair, the shopkeeper fired me about a month ago,” she said.


The sister said on January 19, the accused caught hold of her maternal aunt and “thrashed her mercilessly”. She informed the police the same day and lodged a formal complaint a day later at the Vivek Vihar police station. “The police assured us of help. The officers also shared their numbers but that’s all. They did not pursue the matter further,” she said.

A senior police officer said “the matter was resolved amicably, but we will look into it”. The officer added that the family has now been given protection.

The victim’s sister-in-law said that on the day the boy took his life, she was beaten up by the accused family – all women – because “they thought I had helped the girl [victim] escape from the locality”. The accused also thrashed the two minor sons of the victim’s sister-in-law. “I did not report the matter to the police as I was very scared. I just cut all ties with my in-laws,” she said.

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