Selfie With Daughter campaign focuses on single mothers

A selfie clicked by Anita with her daughter Khushi.
Special Correspondent GURUGRAM 30 July 2019 01:20 IST
Updated: 30 July 2019 01:20 IST

Organisers hope to encourage adoption of girl child

Anita from Nuh divorced her husband over two decades ago because of her in-laws’ persistent demand for dowry. She then decided to stay alone to take care of her ailing father and adopted a six-month-old Muslim girl. Despite stiff opposition from relatives and society, she stood by her decision. The girl, in her teens now, is studying at a prominent school in Gurugram.

Many such inspiring stories of single women fighting the stereotype mindset to adopt or raise their own girl child have come to fore in response to “Selfie with Daughter” campaign for single women launched by Sunil Jaglan, a former Sarpanch of Haryana’s Bibipur village, a week ago. Mr. Jaglan is the initiator of widely appreciated “Selfie With Daughter” campaign launched in 2015.

He said his “Selfie With Daughter” campaign earlier had been successful and over a lakh selfies were received but a vast majority of them – around 95% – were sent by men.


On social media

“Therefore, we kicked off a campaign only for single women, such as widows, lesbians, those in live-in relationships and divorced, to post or upload their selfies with their daughters on online social media museum or with #selfiewithdaughter,” he added.

Mr. Jaglan added the objective of the campaign was to give a special identity to and empower the single mother. Apart from it, the campaign would impetus adoption of girl child by the women who are lesbians, staying in a live-in relationship or are divorced. He said the campaign was an opportunity for such women to come forward and send across a message that there was nothing wrong in adopting and raising a girl child.

He added that he had received more than 400 selfies across the country, with half of them from the Northeastern States since the launch of the campaign.

Shanti Devi (33), a widowed mother of two girls from Bibipur village said, “After being a widow, society starts ignoring such women, therefore this campaign encourages them to come forward”.

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