Man from Nepal arrested for stealing cash, valuables from his employer

Staff Reporter NEW DELHI 17 September 2021 00:49 IST
Updated: 17 September 2021 00:49 IST

₹13 lakh and 3 phones purchased with stolen money recovered

A 47-year-old man from Nepal has been arrested for stealing from his employer when he was about to reach the Nepal border, police said on Thursday.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (South) Atul Thakur said that the accused has been identified as Raju Thapa, a resident of Lumbini. He was working as a peon in the office of one Vinod Tayal in a mall in Saket for the last 26 years.

On September 13, Mr. Tayal reported that his employee had stolen ₹25 lakh in cash and two diamond pieces worth ₹15 lakh each on September 11. A case was then registered and investigation was taken up.


Vital breakthrough

“It was known that the accused hails from Nepal and he might escape to the country. Sensing the urgency, a team was immediately formed. During analysis of technical details, it came to the notice that after the incident, he had contacted a particular number in Adchini. The caller was traced as Kamla, also from Nepal.” Mr. Thakur said.

Police said that Kamla was interrogated and she allegedly told the police that she knew Raju and he was with her on September 12. The two drank all the day at her house and the next morning, he left her house to Nepal. He was near Lakhimpur Kheri, she told the police.

Nabbed within 8 hrs

As it would take them eight hours to reach there, they sought the help from Uttar Pradesh Police and Thapa was arrested within eight hours of the incident being reported.

Police said that nearly ₹8 lakh in cash and three phones purchased with the stolen money were recovered from his possession, besides ₹5 lakh, which was recovered later.