1947, 1984... 2021 last battle for me: 92-yr-old protester

Sohan Singh speaking to protesters at the Singhu border in Delhi.  

Among those still protesting at the Singhu border is an ailing 92-year-old man from Ferozepur who has been a part of the agitation since the beginning and believes this “to be the last battle” after having witnessed the 1947 Partition and 1984 riots.

Sohan Singh was found semi-conscious in front of the main stage at the protest site around 10 days ago.

He was taken to a nearby medical camp from where he was shifted to a makeshift hospital.

‘Not eaten for 6 days’

Avtar Singh, who runs the makeshift hospital by the name of Life Care Foundation, said he got a call in the afternoon about Mr. Singh’s health. He rushed to the camp with an ambulance and found that the man was unable to speak. “He was so low on energy. I asked him why he didn’t take any medicine. He could barely say that he did not eat for the last 5-6 days,” Avtar said.

If not for the lab facility at the makeshift hospital, they might have turned him away with a few medicines and a bottle of glucose.

“But we changed his clothes and conducted tests. It was found that he has an infection after which he was treated for it and kept in the hospital for eight days. He was discharged on Sunday,” Avtar said.

Mr. Singh keeps a diary in which he has all the contact numbers, which are important for him.

One of his family members — who was found to be in Kuwait — was contacted and his photographs and videos were also sent but the relative allegedly didn’t respond.

Sitting in a hall, Mr. Singh said he spent two months at a protest site in Gurdaspur and then came here with a group in February.

Mr. Singh claims he was 18 years old during the 1947 Partition.

‘Won’t die till I win’

“I have witnessed it all and have fought all the fights. Be it 1947 or 1984. We will always be in optimism and joy. This is my last battle, and I will not die till it is won,” said Mr. Singh.

On Baisakhi (Tuesday), Nihang Sikhs at Singhu border protest had put up a show using their weapons and at Tikri border too, there were events lined up. Many at the protest site said the festival won’t mean anything till they have won.

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