Swachh Sarvekshan 2021: Coimbatore emerges as the 46th cleanest city

Government of India has ranked Coimbatore as the 46th cleanest city in the annual Swachh Sarvekshan report for 2021. It had ranked Coimbatore at the 40th place in the 2020 report.

Sources said Coimbatore’s journey in the Government’s annual ranking of cities on various aspects of cleanliness was one of steady decline. Starting from the 18th rank in 2016, Coimbatore moved to 16 in 2017, remained at the same spot in the next year’s survey and went down to the 40th spot in 2019.

It held the position in the last year’s survey and this year it slipped further to the 46th place, reflecting the steps the Coimbatore Corporation had taken over the years.

The current ranking had come as a wake up call for the city managers at the Corporation, who would do well to compare their performance vis-à-vis Indore in Madhya Pradesh. When the Government had ranked Indore in the first place in 2017, Coimbatore stood at 16.

While Indore held on to its position, Coimbatore had steadfastly slipped from one rank to another.

The city had the necessary workers, push carts, auto rickshaws, bins, micro compost centres, transit stations and a dump yard to improve its ranking but the Corporation did very little with those to improve waste collection.

There was not a ward of the 100 where the Corporation had successfully implemented 100 door-to-door collection of waste, the sources said and added that if only the Corporation went about the waste collection exercise earnestly, it would gained more ranks to put the city within the first 10 cleanest cities in the country.

Of the three parts or stages in the waste collection exercise – first, involving the public whose responsibility was to hand over segregated waste, the second involving the Corporation and the third involving the waste plant operator in Vellalore – the Corporation could focus on its role by improving collection and transportation.

The sources said the Corporation by efficiently deploying the auto rickshaws it had bought for collecting and transporting waste could ensure almost 100% door-to-door waste collection in at least two of the five zones in the city.

If it did so, it could redeploy the resources in those two zones to other zones. The result of such an exercise could over-all improvement in waste collection in at least three or four of the five zones, the sources explained.

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