Shops shut opposing move to draw water from River Bhavani for various schemes

Traders downed shutters in Mettupalayam and nearby towns on Friday.  

Traders in Mettupalayam, Sirumugai and Karamadai downed shutters on Friday, in response to a call given by the Mettupalayam Kudineer Thitta Pathukappu Kuzhu opposing the move to draw water from River Bhavani for the Pilloor III and Tiruppur IV drinking water supply schemes.

T.T. Rangasamy, who coordinated the protest, said it was to draw the State Government’s attention and see reason in their demand that the water drawing points for the schemes be shifted downstream, near the backwaters of the Lower Bhavani Project reservoir.

There were 20 drinking water supply schemes in operation with River Bhavani as source. They drew 106 million litres a day (MLD). The proposed Pilloor III scheme for Coimbatore city and the Tiruppur IV scheme for areas with the Tiruppur Corporation limits would draw another 295 MLD and 195 MLD respectively.

In all, the pumping of 596 million litres water a day from the river that too near Mettupalayam would deprive the residents of the town and Sirumugai and Karamadai of their share of water. The data he had obtained using the Right to Information Act showed that in the last 30 years, the maximum flow the river had seen was 22,000 million litres, which was in July 2009, and minimum was 74 million litres in April 2000.

When the flow was less than the need for various water supply schemes and when the Pilloor shutter remained closed, all would suffer.

But, it the Government were to draw the water downstream, near the reservoir, everybody would stand to gain as the total demand of 596 MLD would only be a fraction of the reservoir’s holding capacity and that water could be stored there as well.

Mr. Rangasamy further said though various organisations from the area had represented the issue to the State Government, there seemed to be no reconsideration of its decision. And, therefore, the Friday’s protest was to draw its attention and pay heed to their demand.

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