Nilgiris district police get 500 VVPOs

To build a better rapport with local communities, the Nilgiris district police have assigned Village Vigilance Police Officers (VVPOs) for more than 854 villages and hamlets across the district.

The policing initiative is aimed at building ties with local communities and pre-emptively working towards solving problems faced by the communities, especially those in remote, inaccessible areas.

Around 500 police personnel, of the rank of head constable and constable have been assigned the task of visiting their assigned hamlets and villages at least once a week, interact with residents and hear their grievances.

When contacted, Nilgiris District Superintendent of Police V.Sasi Mohan said that the police had identified 54 major villages across the district, known as “mother villages” and 800 smaller hamlets. At least one head constable has been assigned to be the VVPO of each mother village and hamlet. “In some cases, one constable has been assigned to be the VVPO of a number of nearby hamlets,” said Mr. Sasi Mohan.

“The VVPOs have been assigned the task of meeting villagers and compiling data about the grievances that the villagers have. We hope that the police can then work with other government departments to solve the problems in each village. This pre-emptive policing initiative will hopefully solve issues before they become a problem,” said Mr. Sasi Mohan.

Each officer in-charge of a village or a hamlet will also form a “group chat” with select members of the community in each village so that they can be in contact with each other through mobile messaging applications. The SP said that it was hoped that this initiative will serve to build better communication lines between police and residents in each village and hamlet in the district.

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