Watch| Meet India’s ‘Van Family’

Ashok, his wife Prabha Ashok and their four-year-old son, Abijosh are India’s ‘Van Family’

They have been travelling across the country in their van for 100 days. They have so far covered nearly 15,000 kilometres, visiting 28 States and 4 Union Territories.

Their car is equipped with all essentials. It now has a stove with a cylinder, a 15-litre water can, bed, fan, light, torches and a tent, in case the location they’re in offers a place to stay.

But on most days, they slept in their car and bathed in petrol bunks. In the first week of January, the family started from Tamil Nadu, headed to Kerala and Karnataka before going north.

Even while they travelled and experienced various cultures they led an ordinary life with a set routine. Ashok drove the van, while Prabha handled the camera and took care of Abijosh. Their morning breakfast was usually at a hotel or dhaba and they took an hour’s break in the afternoons to cook, for both lunch and dinner.

While this trip had a few hurdles and challenges, they made sure to savour moments like a night under the stars at the Thar Desert or their first snow in Kashmir.

They have also chronicled every major aspect of the trip on their YouTube channel.

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