Soul searching at Jim Corbett National Park

A four day workshop at Jim Corbett National Park will help you connect with nature and find your ikigai

Jaytirth Ahya, a computer engineering graduate and former user experience designer set up Experience & Co. in 2014 when he was 24. “The idea was to bring young creators, movement makers together for different kinds of experiments, interventions and collaborations,” he says. A part of what the company does is a an experience-based forest festival, F of X, that’s in its second year now, with an expected attendance of 350 people. He takes us through the four days that will feature over 40 speakers from professions as diverse as growth hacking and electronic music production to illustration and fashion consulting.

What is the backstory of F of X?

One day my friend, Paras Malhotra, and I, were brainstorming on how to come up with an equation for a happy life that’s relevant to our generation. We’re quite opposite: he is very logical while I am very emotional. After sitting together for three to four hours, we figured that a happy, purposeful life is equal to f(x) max where x is that one single value that all of us are looking for. It can be different for everyone, but we all have that one thing to achieve. And if we can find it, we can live a very purposeful life. X stands for the unknown treasure on a map.

What is F?

The four zones: heart, mind, soul, hand, which is also the way the festival is laid out. We feel that heart is where the crazy begins: The purpose, the passion, the story comes from it. The mind gives you the knowledge, insights, tools and framework to make that crazy happen. The hand zone is where we want people to come and play, to indulge in something which is not their comfort zone. It’s derived from combinatory play. The idea is to disconnect yourself from the problem, and focus on something entirely different and in this way you’ll find the answer to your problem. Soul zone is where we want all of this to align. This space is right next to the river to enable the people to relax, realign and recalibrate. This is a slow-down zone where we conduct deep conversations, sound healing sessions. Besides this, we have a silent zone.

What are the activities to expect?

We have talks, sessions, masterclasses, workshops, passionate story telling, open-mics, collaboration activities, physical activities, acro-yoga, deep-dive worshops with masters, bonfire sessions with Q and As about love, life and work. All of these activities take place outdoors. Every conference in India ends after 7 p.m., but we realise that the best conversations happen at 2 a.m. After 7 p.m we have music, story-telling. We have soul zone activities starting at 5 a.m.

What is a participant going to take back home?

Well, first you’re going to go back home with a very solid support network. Second, a lot of learning and knowledge that will help you create an action plan for 2020. Third, an experience of a lifetime, surrounded by 350 gorgeous people in a gorgeous place. Fourth, you’ll go back home with a lot of clarity about what you’re trying to do in life, why and how.

At Tarangi Resort & Spa, February 20th to 23rd, ₹30,000; book at

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