On World Yoga Day, we pick five scenic yoga spots. Hurry, you might just catch a virtual session with them

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Breathe in. Breathe out. Look out. This World Yoga Day we list scenic yoga retreats that offer stunning views. Add them to your post-Covid travel bucket list. And guess what, you just got lucky because some of them are all set to host complimentary virtual sessions today. You can appreciate it upside down, practising Sirsasana or while enjoying the most loved Shavasana.

Blue Spirit, Nosara

At this abode of yoga in Costa Rica, your only worry will be should I Instagram the scenery or focus on my Bakasana. Shades of blue and green dominate much of what the eye can see. The retreat is located in one of the world's blue zones: areas where people live long lives. Perched atop a hill, it offers stunning views of Nature, rolling clouds and the village of Playa Guiones with its white sandy beaches. Additional highlights include, an infinity saltwater pool, sunset yoga and bonfire on the beach.

Om Ham Retreat, Ubud

How would you like to place your yoga mat in a paddy field and let the sounds of Bali gently waft through as you inhale and exhale. Om Ham Retreat and Resort in Ubud is set on acres of greenery and lets its guests get a glimpse of daily traditions: musicians playing small cymbals, the scent of incense sticks, women collecting fruits and piling them on their way to the temples.

“Master Ketut Arsana, founder of this yoga retreat brought yoga to Bali many years ago. He has been practising for 45 years,” says Komang Darmadi Putra, spokesperson of the organisation. A favourite among tourists, yoga has picked up among the Balinese as well. “Community yoga is big nowadays as people do it in their villages.” he adds.

Today, the yogashala is hosting a free virtual session for all. The hour long Zoom session starts at 16.00 hours Bali time (13.30 IST). For details, log on to:

Orion Healing, Koh Pha Ngan

The languid island of Koh Pha Ngan lies in the Gulf of Thailand. Primarily known for its wild Full Moon parties, Pha Ngan is also a great place to dive, shop, get massages or just lie back. Tucked away in one corner is Orion Healing, a detox and yoga retreat. It’s surrounded by green mountains, tall coconut trees, and overlooks the beach with a calm bay. Zen, in every sense. To add to that there is the gentle rhythm of live music and delicious whiff of fresh meals from the café, which you can enjoy while lazing on hammocks or in the many lounge areas.

For details, about their virtual session, log on to

Ecotruly Park, Aucallama

At Ecotruly Park you can wake up in the morning and spend the next few minutes wondering where you are. Inspired by India, this place has numerous mud huts that resemble Indian temples. There are beautiful creepers, flowers and foliage adding colour to the monotone background. But where are you really? In Aucallama, a district in Peru. Located by the seaside, this EcoPark emphasises on sustainable living. Enjoy the calm as you meditate or do energetic rounds of Suryanamaskar.

For details, log on to

Ananda in The Himalayas, Uttarakhand

Photo: Ananda in The Himalayas

Photo: Ananda in The Himalayas


For the many who haven't been to Ananda, it is a destination of intrigue. Comfortably seated in the foothills of the Himalayas and surrounded by sal forests, with vantage views of Rishikesh and the Ganges below, it enjoys a dramatic setting. It is where connoisseurs of self care come to luxuriate. Spa, yoga, meditation, golf, the best of health food on a platter and not to mention the elegant setup in pristine surroundings. And while you loll in luxury in your white pyjamas, keep an eye open for that occasional peacock that struts by or perhaps a celebrity.

Coming live from the venue this evening are Ananda's yoga experts, with a 90-minute holistic yoga and meditation workshop. It starts at 6.30 pm. Link in bio on their Instagram page.

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