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Stand up comedian Aakash Mehta   | Photo Credit: SUKRIT NAGARAJ

“Death is coming, it’s inevitable. So let’s just laugh about it.” Aakash Mehta performing at the Hyderabadass Comedy Club last weekend had the audience rejuvenate their sense of humour.

‘Half Baked’, his story that steered them into an 80-minute journey of laughter, kept the intensity of the tale intact.

The Comedy Festival conducted a few years ago, introduced the city to Aakash Mehta. “I incessantly watched comedy shows as a kid, that being the only thing that made sense to me,” shares Aakash. Based in Mumbai, Aakash has completed his graduation in law along with a diploma course in audio engineering. He chose the path of satire and humour at the age of 18 while performing stand-up comedy for the first time at a college festival. “Comedy is the right place to bring everything together, connect with people and ultimately get in touch with who you are as a person.” His shows relate to long story telling comics presented with a conversational twist.

He finds the easiest way to communicate with the audience, is present anecdotes that he is familiar with. “I will always work on something that I can connect with. It has to affect me and move me for people to either find it ludicrous or hilarious. Though a story, I find comedy the most honest way to get in touch with another person.” His shows are never scripted, they are just an amalgam of his thoughts presented on stage.

Aakash originally aspired to be a musician and and has even completed an online course in song writing from the Berklee College of music. When asked if the culmination of his two interests would work he says, “Music has a strong sense of emotion to it, comedy does not. I’ve personally never felt the need to combine the two.” While on tour he has performed actively in US and UK and in comparison finds the Indian crowd more enterprising. He prefers working with small groups and is appreciative that the ‘superstar’ title hasn’t yet been achieved as this attunes with his social anxiety.

His advice to beginners in the comedy arena resonates to the fact that talent is important but consistency is way more important. His profession requires him to travel extensively and though there is joy in meeting so many new people, he highlights the downside to stand-ups as it keeps him away from his family and friends for long periods of time.

Laughter all the way

The show in the city kicks off with a few icebreakers from the host Vivek briefing us on the storyline of the show. The story takes us to different places as a solo trip experienced by Aakash, with punch lines and expressions through its various stages. It travels with us through the mountains, where he talks about his happy place and finds humour in the darkness of death.

“Art is something that is open to interpretation, but comedy always requires a reaction.” As for Aakash, his fame is half baked, his jokes are half baked and so is this hysterical genius who retains no filters when he speaks.

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