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Podcasts on climate change

Costing the Earth

As you would expect from a BBC podcast, the research is thorough, the experts are relevant and renowned in their fields, and the presentation is engaging. This podcast focusses on the impact of human activity on the environment. For instance, the episode ‘Is this something I should be doing?’ talks about our attitude towards carbon offsetting. People continue to fly, factories multiply, and cars on the road keep increasing despite the alarming numbers on how they warm our planet. Individuals and industries can claim to compensate for the carbon emissions, but how long can this go on? l Episode length: 27 minutes l Available on: Apple podcast, BBC, Stitcher and more

Warm Regards

The podcast is as acerbic as its title. Hosts Jacquelyn Gill, Ice Age ecologist at the University of Maine, and Ramesh Laungani, Plant Ecologist at Doane University, discuss a diverse range of climate-change topics that overlap with politics, society and culture. They talk to newsmakers, researchers, activists, policymakers, artists, and others, demystifying new terms and making sense of data.l Episode length: 60 minutes on average l Available on: Apple podcast, Google podcast, and more


Stories about climate change often come with numbers and graphs. While they might be pertinent, they might not capture the attention of the average joe. Which is why Kuow-NPR’s terrestrial, hosted by Ashley Ahearn, is unique. She travels to many places to tell stories about people making personal choices in the face of environmental change. The episodes explore questions like ‘How would your life be if you gave up flying?’ and ‘Should we have kids, given where the planet’s headed?’ among others. l Episode length: 20 minutes l Available on: NPR,, Apple podcast and more.

The Elephant

Climate change is often viewed as a ticking time-bomb that will cause catastrophic damage in the future. But there are present-day consequences, too. It can shape our personal habits, the way our cities are planned, our countries’ budgets. The Elephant attempts to explore these topics. Each episode explores a different story, solution, or facet of climate change through dialogues with leading thinkers, journalists, and scientists.

l Episode length: 20 minutes l Available on: Google podcast, Apple podcast, and more

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