Buying a used Ford Endeavour

In its current iteration, the Endeavour has found quite a few takers in our market. Launched in 2016, the SUV has attracted buyers with its dominating stance, comfortable and well-equipped cabin, and good driving dynamics. Demand for used Endeavours is quite good, and even though there are a decent number of cars on sale, asking prices are still well above ₹25 lakh.

The SUV is available with two engine options, the bigger one is the 3.2-litre, five-cylinder unit that makes 200hp and offers four-wheel drive, along with off-road modes like ‘sand’, mud’ and ‘rock’. You also have two gearbox options to choose from — a 6-speed manual on the Trend and a 6-speed automatic on the Titanium trim. The used-car market has examples priced at around ₹25-27 lakh. This sounds steep, but it cost almost ₹40 lakh (on-road) when new; this makes a used example ₹10-12 lakh cheaper — good value, considering these models have not covered more than 40,000km.

The other engine option is a smaller 2.2-litre, four-cylinder unit that makes 160hp. This skips the four-wheel drive and is also available in a lower-spec Trend variant. Prices for it range between ₹23-24 lakh, but can be haggled down to ₹20-22 lakh. This, too, has the same manual and automatic gearbox options.

The fact that the model got a recent facelift can work in your favour; you can use that as an excuse to drive the price down. But, don’t think that you’re buying too old a car, because changes in the facelift are few and small in nature.

So, if you are an avid off-roader and frequently drive on highways as well, the bigger engine with the off-road modes is the one for you. The extra torque makes it effortless to cruise and the four-wheel drive will help off the road. However, if your primary running is in the city, the 2.2-litre engine will suit you just fine. You won’t miss any of the power, and it’s also good on efficiency — 8.1kpl in the city and 11.8kpl on the highway as against 7kpl and 10.3kpl, respectively, for the larger 3.2-litre unit. Not impressive figures, but then again, you are looking at massive seven-seater SUVs weighing over two tonnes.

Buying a used Ford Endeavour

Maintenance cost is where Ford has really brought their A-game. Despite the Endeavour being their flagship SUV in India, a regular annual service will cost you around ₹7,000 and insuring a three-year-old Endeavour costs between ₹25,000-30,000.

However, before you decide to invest in a used example, there are a few things you need to look out for. Inspect the tyres to make sure that there aren’t any cuts and that there is enough tread left. Also make sure to inspect the suspension and listen for any suspension noise when test-driving, as these big SUVs are often used a bit more roughly, and four-wheel drive variants tend to have covered a fair few miles off-road.

Also, make it a point to check regular wear and tear parts, such as the brakes and clutch. While on a test, check for brake fade and for play in the brake pedal. The clutch on manual gearbox examples is an important component to check.

Also worth knowing

Ford offered quite a few ownership benefits like their ‘Total Maintenance Package’ and service packages, so check if the car in question has any of that. The maintenance pack, in particular, is quite useful, as it benefits you by offering service in any Ford service centre, and keeps the parts price the same as when the car was purchased. It is also transferable on sale, which means you get that added peace of mind too.

How much to spend

₹20-24 lakh

Due to high demand, asking prices for the Endeavour are still well above the ₹20 lakh mark. The cheapest example you may find will be around ₹22 lakh for the lower-spec Trend version, with the smaller 2.2-litre engine and manual transmission. However, manuals are rare and the automatic transmission examples cost about ₹1 lakh more.

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