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Please don't stop the magic

Magician Mandy performs.  

Magic has always intrigued us. Even in the so-called rational 21st Century the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings phenomenon continue to hold millions across the world in its thrall. Keeping the tradition of magic alive in India, among others, is magician Mandy. He refuses to divulge his full name, though. “I'm known as Magician Mandy and I'd like to keep it that way.”

Yes, you've seen him on Nicklodeon's “Pick-a-Trick”, a magic show for children, in which he performs tricks that range from the simple to the mind-boggling; making a matchstick levitate to changing time on a wrist watch.

Magician Mandy agrees: “Magic is a vast area, it spans from making the Taj Mahal vanish to bending a coin. The tricks I teach children are simple; they're the basics. I enjoy teaching these tricks to children because it helps to build their confidence. It makes them a star of magic!”

It's believed that magic is all about optical illusion, though Mandy doesn't completely agree. “Magic goes far deeper than that. It has five basic principles: levitation, metamorphosis, cutting and restoring and vanish and production.”

Mandy has been performing magic for the last ten years in Mumbai. “I was inspired to be a magician when I first saw a magician perform on television. I bought books and taught myself tricks. Besides, a lot of people helped me out.” Mandy contends that street magic is authentic despite opinions to the contrary. “It's difficult to cheat the camera lens. It's all about ethics. A magician can cheat either on television or live.”

Mandy also says that the perception of magic in India has improved and evolved.

“Magic is now, by and large, accepted as an art form here. Also, it's not like magic doesn't get any government recognition. Gopinath Muthukad, for instance, is a well-known magician from South India who is recognised as a master artist in Kerala.”

Mandy considers it his luck for being able to perform closely with world renowned magicians, including David Blaine's consultant Eric Ross. “Magic brings out the child in us. Be it an adult or a child, magic both awes and makes us giggle. I enjoy that,” he smiles.

Incidentally, there are other interesting sides to Mandy. “I have a clothing line of my own called ‘Die-dark ink embedded clothes for magicians'. The style is grunge with magic and it's available online at I'm also the director of an advertising company and I have written a book titled ‘Ten simple astonishments',” he concludes and then performs a crazy card trick.

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