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Something about Christmas that makes it meaningful and fun

There is something about Christmas that makes it magical. You cannot ignore the festive cheer in the air way before Christmas Day actually arrives. Everybody is busying themselves with some activity or the other that makes the season more meaningful and fun for them. And given that Christmas is associated with so many traditions, from carol singing and holiday baking to rigging up the lights and buying presents, city folk tell us what their favourite Yuletide traditions are.

According to Vineeth Vincent, a professional beatboxer and MC, “Baking and eating Christmas cake will always remain my favourite tradition. The smell of cinnamon that mixes in the air makes me all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Also, I start off playing carols at home and in my car when the season draws nigh.”

“The magic that Christmas weaves has not faded. Playing carols, putting up ornaments , displaying really old Christmas cards that are packed with so many warm and precious memories, and baking my customary Christmas cake, are some wonderful things about the Advent season that I eagerly look forward to, year after year,” says Anita Ranbhise, a teacher.

Something about Christmas that makes it meaningful and fun

It’s not what is under the tree that matters but who is gathered around it. Jeremy Arthur, also a teacher, states, “A Christmas tradition that I enjoy is having my family come together in one of our houses. We prepare many different varieties of wines over the course of the year just for this gathering which we enjoy alongside a delicious meal and dessert. Towards the end, we get to the opening of presents. As a family, we play Secret Santa so it is always fun to see how long the guessing game lasts.”

“Sending out Christmas cards and making a gingerbread house with my kids, are my favourite things to do each Christmas. This is the perfect time to tell people that you care for them and a personalised greeting does it best. Also, this year, with some inspiration from the internet, I created an Advent calendar with cardboard and other craft items. Doing the Christmas countdown with my girls is so much more fun now,” says Ruchika George, a home baker.

For Marc Nitin, a student of grade 12, “Decorating the house and having the family come together to prepare sweets, that happens over a period of one week, just before Christmas, is always my favourite thing about the season.”

Something about Christmas that makes it meaningful and fun

“Going carol singing from house to house is what I enjoy most. Playing the guitar and singing songs of the season gives me this peaceful vibe that only Christmas brings with it. And of course, who can resist the copious amounts of food that ranges from plum cakes and kulkuls to cookies?” quips Akil Samuel, an eleventh grader.

While there are those who stick to the familiar, there are others who follow their own traditions around Christmas. “I have invented a tradition for myself,” says illustrator, Alicia Souza, adding, “I make an ornament for the tree every year and I write all the wonderful things that happened in the year, behind it. Almost like a Count Your Blessings ‘hangie’. It is so lovely to read the ones from years before and it makes me feel grateful about the year ending. What is a better way to decorate a tree than with blessings?”

Christmas and charity pretty much go hand in hand and Prathnaa Paul, a corporate employee says, “I look forward to visiting orphanages and homes for the aged with my youth group from church. We collect useful items to give them, apart from the gifts we actually buy each of the inmates. And it isn’t just about giving presents to them but we sing for them and spend time talking to them. My Christmas is always more meaningful when I get around to doing things like this.”

Regardless of what appeals to you most about the season, it’s not hard to see that Christmas has and will always be about love in action. Somewhere. Somehow.

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