Punit Jasuja: Dressing up fearless

Punit Jasuja   | Photo Credit: Sandeep Saxena

He is the man behind some of India’s most beautiful weddings and events. With a tri-continental upbringing and a multi-hyphenated career — event planner, interior designer, creative director and owner of concept store Second Floor Studio — for Punit Jasuja “style is everything I do; the things I eat, touch and wear, the way I speak with people”. Even the way he styles our photo shoot, with experimental lighting, plush backdrops and his two golden cocker spaniels. Jasuja is in Bangladesh when I call him, and he reveals he has already done a round of the shops, to “see what is happening in fashion here”. “I’m travelling all the time, so my style is reflective of how I live,” he adds. With a love of bags, brooches and scarves, the dapper Delhi-based designer tells us about his eclectic tastes.

1. Your style.

My style tends to be unique, bold and fearless. I grew up between New York, London and India — so it’s a bit of maharaja chic with a touch of vintage gangster. I’ll wear a black Chicago Police leather jacket, kurta, jeans and my gold heirloom ring.

Punit Jasuja: Dressing up fearless

2. What defines it?

It has to be comfortable yet stylish. I am also a bit of a cheat; I pretty much wear the same thing every day: Ralph Lauren khakis, long sleeve ikat shirts from Kolkata, and Native shoes. I don’t like to spend a lot of time getting ready, so everything has to work.

3. Where do you shop?

I shop everywhere — at airports, government shops, outlet stores, vintage shops, Barneys, Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. I love finding a fabric in Thailand and turning it into a kurta; or a vintage jacket in New York and changing the sleeves with embroidered pashmina. I enjoy combining things from different cultures and styles, and making it my own.

4. Do you prefer your clothes tailored?

I don’t wear tailored clothing all the time. But when I need something, I head to Savile Row in London, or my tailor, Sanjay Katoch, in Khan Market. I also shop for jackets from Boglioli in Milan and Kardo in Delhi.

Punit Jasuja

Punit Jasuja   | Photo Credit: Sandeep Saxena

5. Navigating dressing down and dressing up.

I am often on sets, and then in the evenings I have to look chic. So I wear stylish, modern outfits like Giorgio Armani or Yves Saint Laurent. You’ll also find me in an Anuradha Raman ikat jacket with a white Rajesh Pratap Singh kurta pyjama. I always have a Brooks Brothers blazer with me, a scarf, and a brooch, like the embroidered paisley by Olivia Dar, to dress up my shirt or sweater.

6. What about accessories?

I wear a gold Buddhist bangle, my President Rolex and jewellery from Amrapali all the time. I’m currently wearing their woven bracelet. I also have a tonne of shoes — from the Hermes Izmir leather sandals to Dolce & Gabbana riding boots.

7. Your go-to eyewear brand?

The German brand, Mykita, is modern and clean. And Carrera Porsche, made in the 1980s, have the coolest collection of sunglasses I’ve ever seen. So any time I can get my hands on it, I buy it. I own 22 pairs now.

Punit Jasuja: Dressing up fearless

8. Little touches that personalise your look.

Brooches! From vintage Art Deco pieces I found in the flea markets in Paris to an embroidered butterfly from my designer friend Ashdeen. I also use a lot of scarves. I love Yves Saint Laurent, and cashmere from Janavi by Jyotika Jhalani.

9. Indian designers you favour?

I wear Antar Agni and Rajesh Pratap Singh. The former puts me in vogue and the latter is for a classic look, for whenever I need to be a little more traditional.

10. Your travel style?

I always carry my double-side natural shahtoosh shawl that I inherited from my father. No matter where I’m going, if it is summer or winter, I carry it. My travel bag has a python pouch for my passport, a Bottega Veneta wallet for my money, a deerskin pouch for my hand cream, lip balm and Terre d’Hermes cologne, a Dunhill file for my papers, Carrera Porsche sunglasses, a Mont Blanc StarWalker Resin pen, my Apple laptop, iPad and backup battery.

11. Your off-duty signature?

A vintage indigo blue Japanese kimono that I bought in Sifnos, Greece. It brings back all the memories from my travel.

Punit Jasuja: Dressing up fearless

12. What do you smell of?

I pick up perfumes from Code Deco and Etat Libre d’Orange. I am using the Eau de Rhubarbe Ecarlate Hermès and Serge Lutens Gris Clair currently. I like to layer my perfumes to create a scent that is my own.

13. Fashion fetishes?

I love bags. They are a really good way to make a statement. I recently picked up a beautiful Dagne Dover daily bag. Some of my favourites are my embossed Madewell leather bag and my Bottega Veneta classic woven sack.

14. Any indulgences?

For my 40th birthday, I got a black crocodile duffel bag custom-made in Milan. I chose the skin myself and it was all hand-stitched. It took about three months.

15. Fashion shows and you?

I own a store in Delhi so I go to fashion shows all the time. I often buy off-the-runway looks, like the grey herringbone Gucci suit I picked up last season.

16. Who do you think has great style?

My father. He always wore impeccable suits, had a great eye and never sacrificed on quality — a lesson I’ve learnt from him.

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