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When I joined Instagram, people were genuinely excited about consuming content, discovering new accounts and following someone because they enjoyed their feed. Now, the algorithms have changed, reach is at an all time low and the market itself is stagnating. The shift from wanting to consume good quality content to it being only about numbers is a very prominent one. One huge advantage I feel I have of starting early (with my blog) is the loyalty of readers.

Growing pains

With the growth of any industry, there is always a growth of competition. But in a chaotic market like India, people, clients, and brands don’t truly understand the purpose of influencers, how to tap their talent and the importance of content. So it can be quite difficult to stand your ground when only numbers are being looked at.

When such practices become common, it does get a bit terrifying. But it helps me learn exactly where I stand, reduces my workload, allows me to focus on the good working relationships that I already have and gives me time to create better content for brands who appreciate it.

Changing mores

Earlier, brands used to involve us on the creative direction of their campaigns. But now, pitches are only focussed on the number of followers you have and the number of likes your image will garner. What we are told now is, “This is our brief, this is the image we want (picked up from a campaign run by a foreign brand) and this is when we want it for approval.”

In countries like USA and the UK there has already been a major streamlining of influencers. In India, the market is still booming, people are still getting onto the influencer bandwagon after purchasing their starter kit of a few hundred thousand followers. Very few know how to work with each other to create good content. Perhaps the bubble may not burst as violently as a lot of people think it will. Brands are getting smarter and learning through experience, so even in the stagnation, quality will always stand out and prosper. Or so is the hope!

Akanksha Redhu is a New Delhi-based influencer, who focusses on personal style, travel, beauty and luxury. She blogs at Follow her on Instagram @akanksharedhu.

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