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Juicy chemistry to organise first-ever pop-up show

Few years ago, when Pritish Asher checked the label of a cosmetic product, he was shocked at the list of ingredients. While the front label claimed herbs and other skin-friendly ingredients, hidden in the back, was a loaded list of artificial ingredients — sulphate, parabens, and various petrochemicals. “As my family business deals with petroleum products and chemicals, I could understand the hazards of applying it on skin everyday. That was when I decided to provide effective skin care products formulated with nutrient-rich ingredients Nature has to offer,” says Pritesh, who launched Juicy Chemistry in 2014.

From then, Coimbatore-based Pritesh and his wife Megha, started researching on various natural ingredients and understood their properties to develop formulations.

“After a number of trial and error attempts we arrived at our formulations. We do not emulsify our products, but we completely remove water from our formulations and make it highly concentrated. By doing this, we also eliminate the use of preservatives and stabilising agents,” explains Pritesh. Their products are broadly divided into five categories: face care, body care, hand and feet, aromatherapy and hair care.

Juicy chemistry to organise first-ever pop-up show

Traditional ingredients used for home remedies such as neem, tulsi, turmeric, saffron, rose and aloe vera are used in these products. They import certified organic oils such as hemp seed oil from Germany, red raspberry oil from the US, prickly pear oil from South America, baobab oil from Senegal and plum-kadu oil from Australia “Apart from importing some oils, we also use organic almond, argan, avocado and coconut oils. Similarly, we have replaced artificial fragrances with essential oils,” he says.

Juicy Chemistry products are certified according to Ecocert standards, which ensures that all the ingredients used (even the soil where the ingredients are grown) are organic. The labels also clearly mention all the ingredients used in the product.

Pritesh and Megha are organising their first ever pop up show in Chennai to educate and explain their products.

“We intend to organise few pop-ups and eventually launch our retail stores in Chennai, as a majority of our customers who buy products online, ( are from Chennai,” concludes Pritesh.

Juicy Chemistry pop-up show is on November 23 and 24 at Mesmereyes Makeup Studio, Nungambakkam from 11 am to 8 pm. Call 9655663566 for details.

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