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Ten ways to make neon welcome

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They are electrifying, intense, and powerful. Fluorescent neon colours never fail to grab the eye, and can be counted upon to inject excitement, energy, and verve wherever they are used — on paper, in apparel, in makeup, and in home design.

Neon colors are extremely bright and pigmented versions of basic primary and secondary colours, such as blue, red, yellow, green, and purple. What makes them standout choices is the fact that they emit light, which makes them luminescent.

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Any shade of neon can work in the home, if styled well. Be it chartreuse, lime green, pink, magenta, red, teal, saffron, flamingo, cyan, scarlet, or violet, they can all be part of the trend. Add brightness and cheer to your spaces by working through these tips and a neon colour or two.

1. In the bathroom

Minty toothpaste or citrus smells to wake you up? Why not equally zesty colours, then! Buy a set of toothbrush holder, soap dish, and soap dispenser in neon colours. If you think the colour scheme of your bathroom is subtle, the contrast will be gorgeous.

2. On the furniture

You don’t have to make your room look like a nursery! But only a set of neon chairs will work wonders at adding a splash of exciting colours to the décor. Or spray paint on just the lower half of the legs of the table or stool and see the magic!

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3. On the linen & textiles

Neon bed covers, pillow and cushion covers in solids and patterns look ooh la la! If you don’t want to go overboard then invest in neon throws, an odd curtain or alternating curtains in neon. It will add a nice little pop of colour to the room.

4. With buntings & accessories

You’ve probably seen them at parties. These are cute garlands that hang on walls. Make it a DIY project. Get neon-coloured papers or cardboard and cut different shapes — flowers, butterflies, stars, or animals, whatever you like and make a garland for a bare wall.

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5. On planters and pots

A two-tone, neon stripes or polka dots will make planter pots look so pretty. You can get spray paint and colour the pot good at the bottom. Colourful flowers and neon at the bottom. Two much!

6. On a door or accent wall

Go bold with the entrance or make a wall of fame. Just one neon element in an otherwise understated room will make it stand out. Get your guests’ attention as soon as they enter that front door.

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7. With neon candles

The most inexpensive way to add neon to your décor! Place the candles by the wall on candle stands or leave them as centerpiece or on the mantle, they will look great.

8. With ribbons and tapes

Just a dash of neon on everyday objects will make them appear so attractive. Here’s another super inexpensive yet surefire way to brighten the décor up. Wrap neon ribbons around things such as decanters or cover a plain vase or pen stand with neon sticky tape.

9. With neon edging

Make plain boring wooden boxes come to life. Paint just the edges of the box and see how it looks striking instantaneously. Or else cover cardboard boxes with neon paper.

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10. Through lighting fixtures

Forget traditional accent lights. There are LED glow signs available that you can make a part of your décor. There are Love, guitar, moon and whatnot that you can look for. If you are the experimental type, get neon light wires and make something yourself.

Neon colours are not what you would call classic, which is why no designer would suggest going all out with fluorescents. But bring the dazzlers home to jazz up your living space or bathroom. Just a hint of a neon colour can liven the whole room up!

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