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Summer’s here, relax and rewind

The pandemic made us more home-proud than we ever were. Till then, home was just home; the pandemic made it haven and hearth.

We may seem to finally be getting a handle on COVID-19, but there are some things that have changed forever. Staying in is now something we all look forward to, which is why there has been a surge in the number of people who have opted to redo their homes. If you’re spending more time, shouldn’t it be the best time you can have, is the idea.

Lockdowns and social distancing have shown us the pitfalls of unhealthy living, and homes are reflecting this change by showcasing sustainability and healthy lifestyles.

“Lifestyles have changed due to the pandemic, and everyone has understood why it is crucial to have a vibrant ambience. The vibe of the house significantly affects people’s moods, so it’s important to create a delightful one while keeping the look minimalistic,” says Raghunandan Saraf, Founder and CEO, Saraf Furniture, an online home décor solutions provider.

As we firmly step into summer, here are some decor ideas that will keep your home looking its best.

Opt for sustainable decor

The benefits and importance of sustainable living are well known, but people tend to think they need to put in extra effort, time, and money to have a sustainable lifestyle. “Such people need to know that adopting sustainable choices is as simple as purchasing any other product. One can replace plastic dustbins with enticing bamboo ones; replacing your dustbins can be a great start towards adopting sustainable choices,” Saraf says.

He suggest another easy-to-adopt sustainable alternative — planters. “Terracotta is a great and eco-friendly option for your plants, but it is not as convenient as jute or cloth planters. You can use them around the house for multiple purposes; they are eco-friendly and could serve you long enough without any maintenance.”

Go back to retro

Wooden furniture can never go off the trend, but Saraf suggests adorning your house with wooden furniture that showcases intricate carving this season. Crockery units and centre tables are available in modern designs to enhance the beauty and functionality of your interiors. “The year 2022 is all about embracing the beauty of intricate vintage designs. Discover home decor online to find precisely detailed wooden crockery units or centre tables to get your house ready without going overboard with your budget,” he says.

Blend style and functionality

The hard lines of any room can be softened by using soft furnishings such as carpets, cushions, and curtains. Apart from adding colour to your home, they are also the easiest way to make over any space.

“Technicolour carpets and plush cushions are the most budget-friendly way to create a whole new perspective for your interiors. Carpets help style your floors and increase the comfort feel of the overall interiors. The same goes for cushions. Cushions in rich colours can grab people's attention effortlessly, making them the ideal decor item to establish a striking look for your interiors in a budget-friendly way,” Saraf says.

Say spring with florals

Floral patterns were once associated with granny chic, but they’ve outgrown that to emerge as one of the top favourites when it comes to décor. Be it wallpaper, artwork, soft furnishings or more, florals can help you freshen up the home effortlessly.

“They are cost-effective and can be used around the house to accentuate different walls. Scented candles are another way to imbue a floral essence in your ambience; they come in a variety of flavours, so one can specifically choose the best scent to create a fragrant vibe in your house,” Saraf says.

Bringing greenery into your interiors is a great decor idea for people with tight budgets. A few plants in stylish planters can create a cool, natural look in any space. Be it larger plants that sit by your sofa or smaller ones that perch on your desk, greenery only augments your living space. If you feel you are all black thumbs, a variety of faux plants is now available in décor stores.

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