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Floor seating has been a part of life across the world for centuries. We Indians tend to believe that the floor connects people to the earth and its energy. We are not the only ones — the Japanese, Koreans, and people in West Asia have also been communing with the ground for decades.

Anthropologist Gordon W. Hewes, in a classic study of human posture around the world, identified about 100 common sitting positions.

“At least a fourth of mankind habitually takes the load off its feet by crouching in a deep squat, both at rest and at work,” he observed. But there’s more to floor seating than just a few cushions piled on the floor. Here’s how you can make the look a part of your home:


Give your low seating some thought

Curating your low seating and ensuring it complements the rest of the room will give your space a casual and comfortable vibe.

Mix and match with regular seating

Mix low seating with regular height seating to ensure that your room doesn’t resemble a boho chic den. If you style your low seating options to match the other seating in the room, you could well have a chic space!

A low table helps pull together the look

If you’re looking to stay all low, set your low seating options around a low table to create an intimate feel. This pulls together the look, gives the seating a sense of purpose and makes it easier for guests as they have a table to lean on.

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Low seating with legs creates a formal look

Contemporary designs offer a range of seating options that are low but also have legs. These tend to have a more “formal” feel than seating that rests on the floor. Slip in a low table between two such seats for greater impact. This look is ideal for the hallway or entryway.

Score a 10 with low seating for a reading nook

A low seating arrangement with a back lends itself well to a reading nook. Just push it into a corner, add lots of colourful and comfortable cushions and — if you like the idea — top the vignette with a canopy to create a cosy feel. You won’t want to get out of the reading zone!

Tap floor seating to increase sitting space

A regular sofa on one side of the room, a medium-sized coffee table opposite it and a few colourful floor cushions create a contemporary Indian vibe. This also lets you increase sitting space with the addition of a few more cushions.

Low seating makes for the perfect day bed

A low divan is ideal to set against a wall, be it in the living room, a dead area in the dining room or the children’s room. Piled with vibrant throw pillows and a couple of bolsters, it’s the perfect place to peruse the morning newspapers or take an afternoon snooze. When guests drop in, it turns into a bed.

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Getty Images/iStockphoto

Work low seating into your verandah

Pile thin mattress-style cushions around the verandah, toss a few colourful throw pillows, add colourful sheers and potted plants to create a haven that you can relax in. Don’t miss a low coffee table and some pretty lighting that will create a buzz in the evening.

Play with other floor seating options

Experiment with floor seating options from around the world — Moroccan embroidered cushions and poufs that add a touch of the exotic, Thai triangle pillows that seem to have been created for small spaces and Scandinavian-style low knitted poufs that combine comfort and minimalism.

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