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Botanical expressions

Step onto the premises of Paudhe Se Yaari and you are met with a multitude of plants, terrariums and quirky signages all encapsulated in a warmly-lit bungalow. Having opened on August 26, Paudhe Se Yaari, Gunjan Domingo’s brainchild, has lured in some of the city’s curious minds with its concept of gifting a handcrafted potted plant.

A germinating idea

Botanical expressions

The idea was a seed in Gunjan’s mind for two years, one she avidly pursued until the doors opened to Hyderabadis last month. Hailing from Rajasthan, Gunjan who married a Hyderabadi who is a real plant-lover, explains, “Whenever we travel anywhere, we must make sure our plants at home are taken care of! The store is a culmination of his passion and my creativity. Our son has also taken a interest in the goings-on here, so it really makes me happy to see that.”

Every product purchased has a unique feel and look because it’s something customised by the buyer on some level. She agrees that the concept of gifting a plant to someone is much more symbolically meaningful, explaining, “Gifting a plant is something different than the traditional mithai ka dhaba or bottle of wine. We did a small exhibition in one of the corporate spots, featuring 50 to 60 items which sold out.” Paudhe Se Yaari also had a pop-up at Gachibowli’s Deli 9 Bistro outlet, which garnered a lot of interest with the unconventional potted plant designs.

Botanical expressions

Gunjan acquired the run-down bungalow about four months ago, adding, “I had thought that I’d have the place up and running in two months, but it took some time because we wanted to get everything right in the detailing, and I hope people walk in and see how much love has been put into the space. I didn’t want to have a big opening with the ribbon-cutting, I just want this place to be as homely as possible; it’s a passion project for me.”

Inclusive enclosures

With the ever-expanding scene for artists in Hyderabad, Paudhe Se Yaari makes use of the talents available and showcases the works though the eclectically cheerful space. Gunjan shares she is happy working with creatives who’ve got an eye for the unusual and uplifting. She points out ‘ladybug crossing’ pebble art, which is speckled across the front steps of the store. Other fun features are the minion-themed tyre-stacks which double as plant pots and the stuffed pairs of jeans which have plants growing out of the seats.

Botanical expressions

Having noted the busy lives of the everyday Hyderabadi, Gunjan makes sure to house items and plants that are low-maintenance while still retaining eye-catching qualities, courtesy the artists. Cacti and succulents are a go-to option, all growing in wine bottle halves, terrariums, kitsch wooden pots of various sizes and balcony accents. Also on offer are the tools to maintain your own mini gardens as well as tips and tricks on how to rock a green thumb yourself.

And if you’re not situated in Hyderabad but want to be a part of the Paudhe Se Yaari family, Gunjan will be setting up to sell the fun creations online in the coming weeks.

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