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As the year draws to a close, it’s time to cast a look back and look ahead to the new year. Our homes are our haven, and each space evolves with us. Be it the dining room or the kitchen, these are areas where the entire family gathers to enjoy their meals and share their news and views.

As 2021 draws to a close, we tell you what dining and kitchen décor trends you can try in 2022:


Interesting lighting

If you want a chic dining room, interesting lighting is a must. And interesting doesn’t translate into opulent chandeliers or a lineup of pendant lamps. Instead, make a statement with a fixture that’s one of a kind. DIY chandeliers, a string of yarn lamps, or a sci-fi kind of fixture — anything is sure to grab the spotlight.

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Eye-catching accessories

Knick-knacks and artifacts that are off the beaten track will ensure that your dining room stands out. It could be a collection of forks and spoons, vintage containers, stylish posters, super-sized artwork; or vintage menus; they add colour and chutzpah, and spice things up.

Velvet upholstery

There’s a reason why royalty has, down the ages, had a thing for velvet. This fashion staple can be used on dining chairs, lending the room a rich and opulent feel. Available in a range of colours, it helps create a formal ambience when juxtaposed with decorous settings and can seem casual in an informal setting.

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Dark walls

Dining rooms can get a glam touch with a dark shade of paint. Cloaking the walls in moody and dramatic shades such as navy, scarlet or indigo can create drama. A few light-coloured accessories add interest and visually lighten up the room.

Mixed seating

We’ve loved the idea of mixed seating in the dining room ever since we saw Monica work the look in her warm apartment in the much-loved serial Friends . Be it materials, colours, styles or eras, a mix of chairs sets off any kind of dining table.

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The bench

Mixed seating is in, for sure, but try and include a bench in your dining seating. Available in a variety of styles, classic to modern, benches are all about form (style), function (seating and storage) or a combination of both. They can be used in dining rooms in a variety of materials — wood, metal, stone, synthetic or upholstered.

What can you do in the kitchen?

Colour things up

With the kitchen taking centrestage as the heart(h) of the home, it is supremely important to think about kitchen decor. Hence the colour consideration — and almost everything can work in this workroom!

Smart spaces

Gadgets are now a part of life, be it the phone, notebook or the tablet. The modern kitchen needs to be much more accommodating with a designated space to charge devices, send out emails, and even pop your digital cookbook.

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Say no to plastic

Time was when the kitchen was synonymous with a bunch of plastic shelves and dabbas. But no more. Glass and ceramic bottles and tins take pride of place on wooden shelves now — and you would be wise to invest in them and bin all the plastic ware.

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A hood to keep odours at bay

Cooking is now an enjoyable task, one that you often do along with entertaining. A hood/ chimney can help keep those garlicky odours at bay in integrated spaces so that you and your guests can smile on.

Shimmer and shine

Kitchens and boring don’t need to go together. Mirrored backsplashes, shiny counters, metal lamps and colourful knick-knacks ensure that the cooking room looks good. Add a well-chosen rug, in a dark colour and a striking pattern, to create a grounded feeling and pull the look together.

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