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These days, almost everyone is a photographer. Phone cameras — and they’re mighty powerful and fancy despite being encased in such a small object — ensure that every moment is photo-worthy and we keep clicking all the time. Dressed up and heading out? Let’s get a selfie first! The food’s on your table in the swish café. But, let’s Instagram the dishes before we take a bite. In the car? Let’s capture the countryside before we even enjoy looking at it. You get the gist! Almost 80% of smartphone users regularly shoot with their phones, according to Futuresource, but dedicated cameras “do have attractive features that tempt people to upgrade — namely the larger sensors and larger lenses”.

If you tote your DSLR everywhere and can’t stop clicking even at a party given for you, you’re a bonafide photographer. Our 10 décor tips will ensure that your home reveals this side of you without you doing the talking:

1. Splash out on an eye-catching display wall

What would a photographer’s home be without photos? Paint a wall a gorgeous colour and line up simple frames that can show off your work.

2. Style your coffee table with your favourite books

Photographers love to stock up on snapshot-related coffee table books. Show off your collection with other artifacts and knick-knacks in your living room.

3. Create photo-worthy vignettes in every nook and corner

Who knows the importance of styling better than you? Bid bye-bye to boring corners and add interest with knick-knacks and souvenirs.

4. Kit out your home and rooms for storage

The digital camera may have made things simpler for photographers but it hasn’t done away with the need for storage. Make sure you have enough cupboards and shelves to put away your photography paraphernalia.

5. Plan your lighting to create a wonderful ambience

A good photographer knows that the right lighting makes all the difference between good photographs and bad ones. Factor in a great ambience in your home by going in for layered lighting.

6. Make space for a stylish and large desk

You may not be penning down a novel but that doesn’t mean you don’t need a desk. Where else will you place your laptop to sift through the many photos you’ve clicked and edit them?

7. A comfortable chair will make editing photos a breeze

Sure, your work is great without any editing but there may be certain pictures that need a certain amount of work. A comfortable chair that takes ergonomics into consideration and lets you swivel around is perfect!

8. Make sure that you’re always surrounded by inspiration

Whether it’s a poster you love, a photo taken by a master photographer or a quote that you live by, put it up so that you can have a look at it easily.

9. Bring the outdoors indoors to make nature your muse

Models and travel work really well, we agree, but bringing nature into your home can help revive a jaded eye. A few potted plants, a water feature and tinkling wind chimes will renew your space — and you!

10. Showcase your snapshots in unexpected places

Frame a few and hang them in the powder room or place a few on nesting tables. You can also show off your best piece of work in an extra-large frame. You create an accent wall, showcase your work and create a conversation starter!

11. Look for unexpected photography related accents

Be it a series of blank frames, a large colourful one placed on the floor and leaning against the wall or some interesting props plopped into a vintage bucket, show off your interest around the haven called home.

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