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A Zen extension of Nihon Koku

Japanese Garden in Jubilee Hills was opened in 2016 by GHMC with the intentions of providing Hyderabadis with a tranquil example of the Far East’s nature— a space has been awaiting inauguration since its ready state in 2014, testing the city’s patience.

The garden is an amalgamation of the Japanese philosophical and spiritual ideologies of space and biodiversity. Do not be fooled by the minimal simplicity; a lot of thought goes into the arrangement of rocks, the bio-matter used and the directional flow of the winding pathways. All the details are brought to life from Satuteiki or ‘Creation of Gardens,’ a guide from the eleventh century that comprises of the meticulous detailing of Japanese landscaping. The garden runs on solar power— from the lamps to the calming waterfall.

A Zen extension of Nihon Koku

The bursting biodiversity of the 3500 square-foot garden is a botany lesson in itself. Flora-enthusiasts frequent the area, as well as environmentally-conscious people who are keen on celebrating the city’s green ethos.

Over a thousands species of vegetation can be found as well as the magnetism the space holds for butterflies and exotic birds, like peacocks which fly over from KBR park just across the road.

At the far end, is a sweet alcove in the form of an open Shofuso or gazebo, perfect for the current forty-something degree days.

A Zen extension of Nihon Koku

Whether you want to indulge in a meditation session or catch-up on some reading, the space invites those looking for a moment of escapism; ideal to leave all things digital aside. Of course, the space is Instagram-worthy— though it is advisable to upload without a filter as the loveliness of the garden speaks for itself.

One thing to be noted is the unorthodox opening times for the sake of crowd control, with its free-entry basis: 6-11AM and 3-6PM. It is also a strong belief in Japanese culture that nature’s beauty is best beheld at the twilight hours of dawn and at dusk.

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