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How to take cues from the nude look for your home’s design

Barely there hues of almost any colour can be used to create the nude look. So while obvious neutrals such as beige, taupe and tan are there, you can also choose to strip down with extremely light shades of grey, green, blue and pink. Experiment till you find the colour you would love to share your space with.

We give you ten ways to work the nude look in your home:

1Creamy winter white, combined with beige, is a hot favourite when it comes to creating almost-there interiors.

2Soft blush pinks juxtapose perfectly with in-demand metallics such as rose gold, copper, brass and satin nickel. Together they create a beauteous picture in any room.

3When it comes to wood, look for ashy tones with a natural stain to create a sense of character and add a punch of personality.

4 As far as possible, let the grain of the wood show to create an aged effect. However, this does not mean that the look has to be vintage or rustic; extremely formal spaces can also be created with these muted tones.

5 Go for rugs — all in varying tones of one colour and without any patterns to mix things up.

6 Going nude doesn’t have to mean taking it all off: a neutral sofa piled up with pillows and throws (with a lush rug layered underneath) creates a rich look without needing any busy patterns.

7 Or else, use a mixture of natural tones and contrasting textures to add a sense of variety. A couple of statement pillows or curtains in hot colours can add colour if you so want it.

8 Roll-down, in-window shades work especially well in a ‘nude’ room as it creates a minimalistic look. Look for shades that complement your colour scheme.

9 For the most seamless nude look, match your wall to the shade of upholstery most used in the room. Or else, paint the ceiling the same shade as the upholstery and give the walls a similar hue to put the focus inwards.

10 Let the nude look take over your furniture. Outdoor-inspired furniture — think see-through wicker, or acne chairs or modern acrylic ones — gives your home an airy sensibility and a casual look.

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