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Give your home a vacation vibe

Something happens the moment you land in a beach destination. Think about it. You step out of Goa airport, and suddenly you’re oh so relaxed and comfortable. And, you haven’t even had any wine yet! Is it the salty sea air or the shiny sunshine that refuses to let even the monsoon rain on your parade?

There’s something about the easy, breezy lifestyle that we all love. The soothing sounds of waves entice us, for sure, but the décor also has a huge role to play. The profusion of blue and white, no-frills furnishings, natural materials, nautical accents, finds from nature, and layered look create a chic coastal vibe that’s become the mainstay of many interior designers worldwide.

When we all agree that life is way better at the beach, why not bring a slice of the sun, sand, and sea home? If you aren’t going to be vacationing any time soon (and even if you are), we suggest these 15 coastal twists to add a seaside feel to your home.

1. Set the note for your seaside retreat at the door by adorning it with a DIY wreath of twigs, starfish and shells. Easy to make and it makes a statement as soon as anyone reaches for the doorbell.

2. A completely neutral palette — think cream, ivory or lace — accentuated with soft shades of blue and green creates a minimalistic shabby chic beachside look. Don’t discount the power of indigo when it comes to creating a seaside dwelling look.

3. Opt for furniture made from wicker, raw wood or traditionally spun from yarn/ twine. A cotton rug or two will set the room up with a vacation-house vibe.

4. Natural materials like bamboo and coir, repurposed furnishings and a neutral colour scheme combine the shabby chic look with a polished ambience.

5. Artwork that brings the seaside to the mind – prints of shells, seahorses and starfishes – is the easiest way to add some beachside swing to a city home.

6. A taupe rope rug is rustic and down to earth, and is reminiscent of the sun and the sand. Set it out in the living room, and play with colour in your accessories to create a vibrant feel.

7. Work with blue, red and white in myriad combinations to create a nautical look that you would love to live with.

8. Let most of your accessories be natural. Stunning seashells, driftwood and starfish as décor accents make a regular home into a seaside retreat.

9. A sheer curtain diffuses the sunlight coming in through the window and creates a luminous backdrop for whatever you put in front of it. A long curtain pools romantically on the floor.

10. Give ring-laced curtains a beachy twist by hanging them up with strands of rope. Transforms the room completely.

11. Items that are reminiscent of the sea — like an anchor or oars — can create a focal point like no other. Consider components of ships, maps, mirrors, ropes, telescopes and compasses.

12. Be it thick or thin, twine or cord, a rope can create a sudden seaside vibe. Twine it across bottle tops, candle stands, mirrors or even tray handles.

13. Shells and starfish can be put into a clear jar and used as a decorative accent. Or string them, along with pieces of coloured glass, into a pretty bunting.

14. Why should your dining table be left out of all the fun? Starfish, funky tablemats and candles can help create a seasonal table setup.

15. A strategically placed hammock — in the balcony perhaps — puts you in the mood to snooze or read at any time of the day. What could possibly spell vacation better?

With all this in place, your home is sure to be your happy place!

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