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A touch of Chinoiserie in home décor

The Orient and the Far East are extremely popular holiday destinations these days. What if you could get home their décor style and live with it? Say hello to Chinoiserie, a lush and luxurious style created in late 18th Century Europe. This décor style, opulent and fanciful, is essentially the fusion of exotic Asian imports and extravagant baroque interiors. What can you expect? Asian-inspired motifs, rich colours, luxurious lacquers and unusual combinations.

Try these simple tips to give your home a touch of the Far East:

1. Look for stand out pieces that showcase their Asian origin — a Chinese rug or piece of pottery, a Singapore-style lamp or specific pieces of furniture like altar tables.

2. Classic Chinoiserie motifs include foo dogs, pagodas, dragons, peacocks and cherry blossoms.

3. Play with unique colours such deep teal, crimson lake, dark fuchsia, robin’s egg blue, sage green and burnished gold.

4. Rather than going overboard with a variety of Chinoiserie-inspired pieces, begin with a strong patterned fabric or wallpaper and build your room around it.

A touch of Chinoiserie in home décor

5. Accents that meld Asian and European elements — a rococo desk hand painted with Chinese scenes or a black lacquer wooden screen with floral motifs — are ideal.

6. A opulent floral wallpaper in dark tones could create an Orient Express feel in your living room.

7. Upholster your sofa in a bold fabric that brings to mind the dark and dusky Chinatown flavour.

8. Furniture, be it a sideboard or a chest of drawers, is lacquered black and embellished with gold.

9. Update an old chair into the Chinoiserie style by painting it a bold and brilliant high-gloss shade.

10. A simple grouping of blue-and-white porcelain in the dining area makes a visually arresting statement. It’s bright and timeless.

A touch of Chinoiserie in home décor

11. Your wallpaper can help get home this fusion style too. Look for natural elements such as leaves, branches and animals. Birds are big, as they are considered harbingers of good news in Chinese culture.

12. Download the many geometric graphics of Chinese patterns available online, print them out in colour and have them framed for a wall. Or get your mirrors framed that way.

13. Look for decorative accents that add the Chinoiserie touch to your kitchen — an Asian ginger jar or a piece of Ming-style pottery.

14. Add Asian-style lanterns to a sleek contemporary bathroom to incorporate Chinoiserie in a not-explored space.

15. Balance out the look by pairing your Chinoiserie accents with other elements. Keep in mind that too much of Chinoiserie can make a room cluttered instead of chic!

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